Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Observatory and Eagle Rock

It was a strange day in the Lost Creek Wilderness. This normally active area was void of a lot of people. I notice signs that outlawed ATVs and other non-licensed vehicles and think that has a lot to do with it. Even so we did see two dirt bikes.

Not much in the way of traffic save some cows.

You can't drive to the normal Trail Head anymore as they are trying to minimize human impact. You can park and walk and it was not that far anyway.

We hit Observatory Rock a little early and had some issues with propagation. I expected 40 meters to yield better results but after 20 minutes of calling Lynn went to 20. I also tried CW on 40 with no luck.

Eagle Rock was better and Lynn ran a good pileup on 20 Meters and I went to 17 Meters and a little 20 meters. It was a good day to be on a summit. It was a bit windy but with the temp between 70 and 80 it helped to keep us cool.

A few pics:

KX2 at home on a summit

Lynn on 20 meters

I am trying to remember Morse Code

End Fed antenna support

A great day and it was nice to get out again in Colorado. Lynn and I have been pretty busy but I am glad we took a day to get out to these two summits.

73 Frank

Sunday, June 18, 2017

WI Vacation

Lynn and I drove to WI to visit with her family. The weather while we were there was perfect.

Pony Express


Lynn flirting with an old prospector

Bridge over the Mighty Mississippi

Red Winged

Cana Island Lighthouse

Lake Michigan from Cana Island Lighthouse

Fond du Lac WI

Fond du Lac Lighthouse

Air Museum in Oshkosh WI (Radio stuff)

Air Museum in Oshkosh WI (Radio stuff)

Lynn in flight suit

Air Museum in Oshkosh WI (Radio stuff)

Air Museum in Oshkosh WI (Radio stuff)

Donated by local ham radio club

Love the aircraft of WWI

Love the old radio stuff

Lynn at her old High School

 It was a fun trip but I am glad to be back in Colorado for the time being.


Saturday, April 1, 2017

Mount Rosa and Squaw Mountain

What a difference a few days make. Lynn and I trotted up Mount Rosa a few weekends ago and although there was deep snow on the trail as long as you stayed on the trail it was packed down pretty good.

We had a grand time and even saw a group of runners heading down to Saint Mary's Falls. Their run was around 15 miles roundtrip with 5,000 feet of vertical gain! Wow. Steve, wG0AT , and I did that hike and it about wasted me, I can not imagine running it! Unfortunately, they went by me just as I got to the saddle and I did not have time to snap a pic.

Here are the pictures from that hike.
Lynn, KC0YQF, on the Trail 

KC0YQF and K0JQZ on Top of Mount Rosa

Pikes Peak from Rosa

Looking South

Lynn on the trail

Looking East

Lynn working the SSB pileup

Lynn hamming it up!

During Spring Break we like to go to Santa Fe NM but the weather did not look that great so we stayed in town. We decided that if we wanted to get another summit in before the bonus season ends that Thursday was our day.

We got a very late start but headed to Squaw Mountain. It is a long drive but well worth it.

Here are the pics.

GPS Track

Hike Profile

We had clouds all day

Great views

Lynn, KC0YQF, almost there!

View of the antenna farm from the Fire Tower

Snow Man on the Trail

Lynn making her way through the snow

Notice the Chevy Blazer stuck in the background

Here they are again
We passed a Ranger on his way down. We parked next to his Jeep and he mentioned that just about everyday someone gets stuck on that road. We decided to just hike the extra 1/2 mile although I think Lynn's Subaru could have made it past this area.

The Fire Tower was unoccupied but we passed the renters on our way down. They were better equipped than we were and they all had snow shoes to deal with the snow.

I made a bonehead mistake when I grabbed the wrong boots. I did not have my waterproofed boots on so by the time we got to the summit I was painfully aware that my feet were wet. We both activated on 20 Meter SSB. Thanks to the chasers that worked Lynn then stuck around to work me. I had to get moving quick in order to get my blood flowing again so it was s short activation.

As we got back to the car there was another ham going up to do an activation, N0EMU. I did not see any spots for him so perhaps he decided the weather looked like it was going unleash at any moment. It did start to rain while we were driving off the Mountain.

As I type this it is snowing today and it rained all day yesterday. It is a good day to listen to radio and get caught up on the blog. As I was checking my morning cameras in NC I thought this view of Atlantic Beach was a good contrast to the weather we are having in Colorado today.

Screen Shoot of Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, 1 April 2017


Sunday, March 26, 2017

and the giveaway goes to.....

This is just a quick note to say thanks to all that sent their QSL cards in. Everyone should had received a return QSL by now. The winner of the radio was Walt NE4TN.

This was an important milestone for Lynn and N.A. SOTA. Lynn is well on her way to 2,000 activator points!!!!


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Please join us for Lynn's, KC0YQF, Mountain Goat Celebration !!! (FREE GIVEAWAY)

As Lynn, KC0YQF, nears in on becoming the FIRST North American female to achieve the Summits On The Air (S.O.T.A.) Mountain Goat status, Lynn and I want to extend our celebration to our chaser friends.

One person, who talks to Lynn during her next two activations (most likely the last weekend in Feb and the first weekend in Mar) and sends her a QSL, will have the chance to win a new, unbuilt Mountain Topper Version 2.

Here is what you need to do:
1. Work Lynn SSB on any band and during her next two activations


2. Send her a QSL card to confirm the QSO


Wait, you don't have a QSL card?

No problem, mail a post card (her school kids like the postcards that have colorful pictures from different places) or a piece of paper with the details of the QSO and that will work just as well.

We will wait approxiamtley 10 days after the Mountain Goat activation and pick the winner. The winner will be notified via email and on my blog here. That is it. I know there will be a lot of chasers wanting to work Lynn anyway but we wanted to have some fun and do something special for her SOTA chasers.

3 Band Version (Steve Weber designed and kitted) 

Ready to ship

Lynn has worked real hard to achieve this and we are both real excited about it. The chasers really make this SOTA stuff fun and we just want to show our appreciation to those that are out there chasing us every weekend.

From Wikipedia: The mountain goat (Oreamnos americanus), also known as the Rocky Mountain Goat, is a large hoofed mammal endemic to North America. A subalpine to alpine species, it is a sure-footed climber commonly seen on cliffs and ice.

I have not taken a lot of video lately but here are a few pictures from our last few activations:

Summit of 9036

K0JQZ on Knights Peak

K0JQZ on Threemile Mountain

View from Blue Mountain

KC0YQF playing in the watering hole

Mount Rosa from Knights Peak

KC0YQF on Threemile Mountain

SOTA Chariot

Lynn's top chasers so far: