Monday, July 29, 2013

KC0YQF's 50th Birthday

Well, technically today is Lynn's birthday but due to the weather we decided to forgo the FOBB contest and head into Cripple Creek, Colorado to celebrate Lynn's 50th.

I wanted to get to the summit early and set up a shelter and figured as long as there was no thunder to be heard it would be fun but I really did not feel up to it. We ended up making the right choice as I would later find out.

Lynn has wanted to go to Cripple Creek (a gambling town) and throw some money away for awhile. She ended up winning about 20 dollars and we decided to pocket her winnings and check out the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine Tour. This is one of those tourist traps that the locals never stop to see but we decided to do it anyway. After all, it would be good recon for any out of town visitors that did not want to hike up a mountain.

There was a good 20 minute wait to get in so we waited and watched it rain and exchanged a few text messages with wG0AT who was camped out to the North West of where we were.

Trying to use the reverse function on the camera

Lynn on the old tractor
The Old Mine
We were finally called to get in line in order to be packed into the cages that take us down 10000 feet.

One strict rule!!!!
Strictly enforced!!!
After a two minute ride straight down.

Still 9,000 feet above sea level
Our tur guide, Brad, did an excellent job and we learned a lot such as the donkeys lived down in the mines to haul the cars around until President Roosevelt put a stop to that. The descendants of those donkeys roam around Cripple Creek to this day.
Brad, our tour guide
Looking down the mine

Looking straight up
Minerals in the rock
Work Bench to repair tools
Brad explains the signaling system
Of note, the boxer Jack Dempsey worked in this mine and another one in this area but was fired for his inability to keep up with the work load. I guess he found boxing somewhat easier.

We had a good lunch and tour and Brad gave everyone on the tour a little piece of rock with gold in it. 

So I missed the FOBB contest again. That is ok because as I noticed last night I was feeling worse and today I am sick and while this is a sequester/furlough day for me (I am a government worker) I would have called in sick anyway which I do not often do.

So today is Lynn's official 50th Birthday so if you get the chance send her a birthday greeting.

Lynn training to be a miner
73 Frank K0JQZ

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