Saturday, August 17, 2013

The successful failure

"The Successful Failure" or "Activation of W0/FR-003 Mount Evans (10 Points) W0/FR-063 (Zero Points)"

The Old Goat wG0AT and I got a late start to head out to activate Mount Evans, an easy 10 pointer about 100 miles one way. We were feeling pretty confident despite our late start and thought about activating Chief afterwards. This would put me in third place as far as the W0 association goes so I was excited.

At about 12,800 feet my jeep died, it restarted and died again. I should not say died it just lost all power. It is a 2013 Jeep Rubicon with manual transmission with 6K miles on it and it is going back to the dealership today.

With Mount Evans in sight we turned around and headed back hoping just to make it off the narrow road. After a while the jeep started running better with only minor hickups and by the time we hit Denver traffic it was running normally.

I was disappointed and pissed off but there was nothing I could do about it. Steve offered to buy a late lunch, which was fantastic and we decided to do a quick run up Mount Herman.

It was hot and the air was still so it made for a heat sapping ascent. We took the Old Goat trail which is steeper but shorter. The summit was perfect, a light cool breeze and great views.

Steve and I briefly discussed the value of "Mountain Money" aka TP and I setup the EFHW and I did it very poorly. I did not think about the operating location in regards to were the end fed antenna would end up at. I was too beat-up to to redo it and decided to call CQ. A pileup ensued right off the bat without being spotted, and with no alert. I guess it worked.

Neat area
South view
Looking down
North East view

The Shack

Here is my log from 20 meter CW:


Steve took over and worked 20, 30 and attempted other bands.

This Radio looks familiar
High Tech meets Old School
wG0AT running the pileup

After Steve operated I thought I would give SSB a try. I am not much of an operator and even less of a SSB operator, Lynn makes it look so easy.

Here is my log from 20 meter SSB:

So, while Steve and I earned a total of "0" points vice a possible 18 we had a grand time. Sometimes it is just good to get out and mix radio with the outdoors. 

As soon as I dropped off Steve a few goats came out looking for him.

Where has the Old Goat been all day?
I left Steve in good company and I spent the next 30 minutes in bumper to bumper traffic trying to get home. I did not mind it so much because, while the day did not start off the way we planned it ended up better than I could have hoped for.

73 Frank

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