Monday, September 30, 2013

Accidental activation of W0/SP-125 and W0/FR-066

Having not really decided on anything to do on Sunday Lynn and I decided late in the morning to do a recon of Spinney Mountain which is in Spinney Mountain State Park (connected to 11 mile State Park). I was not sure if there was a clear access to this mountain that did not cross private property so we talked to a Park Ranger who was less than helpful. He did tell me that he did not think there was access to it but since this park is geared towards fishing I doubt he really knew. Lynn and I found an area that did not have a fence or "no trespassing" sign but there were signs of livestock so I decided to not chance it. Four points is not worth the hassle so while we were deciding what to do we got a call from the Old Goat himself.

Steve, wG0AT, has been camping in the Lost Creek area and was going to get some SOTA activations in. He was heading up a 4 pointer and thought we would like to join him. It is an unnamed summit called 9036. We found the TH and Steve guided us up via VHF. There were two routes up and we choose the steepest of the two which was a mistake due to the bushwacking through a few aspen groves but we made it and joined Steve for the first activation of this summit.

The trail
KC0YQF leading the way
So far an easy trail
Lynn got ahead of me because I left the 2 meter in the Jeep
Our Target
Nice area
Nice views
More views
Our destination
The "Old Goat" working 12 meters
Lynn happy to get her 4 QSOs (3 on 15 meters and 1 on VHF)
Flying in the wind
The rock blocking the wind (great location Steve)
Fishing pole and 58 foot longwire
With 12 meters hopping Steve really got a few QSOs on that band. I did pretty good the day before getting into Germany and Italy. That is nothing for the East coast guys but really something for the middle of the US. The 58 foot longwire played very well. For a total cost of 4 dollars it is the best bang for the buck I know of.

15 Meter SSB: WX4ET, VE2JCW, W6UB
2 Meter FM: KI0RA

15 Meter CW: KG3W, AI4SV

After we got done Steve wanted to do Tappan Mountain (W0/FR-066) which was not too far away and he did not have to twist our arm much. Off we went.

Steve and his new GPS guiding us to Tappan
Where does this go? It goes up!
Steve finds a good spot for the SOTA flag
wG0AT and SOTA Flag
Flying proud!
Lynn wants us to hurry up so she can get on the air.
KC0YQF goofing off
Lynn had a good run on 20 meter phone. G6TUH was rough copy but in the long run I am not sure that he heard Lynn's report back to him. I also do not think Lynn realizes that EI9JU was in Ireland but she will when she reads this blog. Lynn had always wanted to go to Ireland and I would not mind going back for a visit.



We said our goodbyes and Steve headed back to his base camp to check on Peanut and Rooster and Lynn and I headed home. It was late and we usually stop for a nice meal especially after a dual activation but we just headed home, exhausted.

It was a fun 6 points! Thanks Steve!

NOTE: The 58 foot longwire antenna is nothing more than what it is. 58 foot of number 26 teflon wire. It is wound on a coleman cloths reel and has a length of fly fishing line on the end. You simply attach it to the fishing pole going vertical then the end goes over a branch or other support. It works great. I figured mine cost a total of about 4 dollars including the coleman clothes line reel. (I found them at the BX for 2 dollars, shop around). If anyone wants more detail let me know.

73 Frank

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