Sunday, September 1, 2013

SOTA Activation of Mount ROSA (W0/FR-034) 1 Sep 2013

Sometimes it is ok to just hike. Today was one of those days.

We meet Dave and Dot at Denny's for some chow and headed up to the TH at Frosty Park off of Old Stage Road. Dave offered to drive and I was impressed at how his vehicle handled the trail.

We quickly made it to the summit chatting all the way which always makes it fun. Not too far into the hike I dropped my new camera and broke the LCD. It still worked but I could not frame a picture or tell if I was recording. It looks like a new camera is needed. This is the second time I broke a camera on a SOTA hike.

KC0YQF coming up the trail
I divide this trail into three parts. The first part is by far the steepest and the trail is rutted out pretty good from ATVs and recent rain. It pretty much sucks.

The second part is a pleasant stroll along the saddle (my favorite part) and the last part is the switch backs for the last 500 vertical feet.

The saddle has some great views as does the summit.

Almost there
Once on the summit we set up a quick End Fed antenna mated to the KX3. I made a quick QSO with someone on Pikes Peak on 2 meters (N1GCP I think) but he was not doing a SOTA activation.

Lynn started us off on HF SSB (20 meters).

Once the ball started rolling she quickly worked the following stations:

And that was all she wrote. There were no more stations calling after Lynn called CQ several times so it was time for Dave to run the CW pileup.

Dave getting down to business

Dave's log and paddle holder for efficient operating
While NK0E (Dave) worked through his CW we all relaxed and let him work.

Dot and Lynn on the summit
The views from the summit were fantastic when we arrived but they did not stay that way.

Pikes Peak in the distance

The weather moved in quickly as it does in Colorado. After Dave got 4 QSOs we decided to get off that summit before a light show started. I decided to forgo any operating (I already activated Rosa this year so no points to be gained anyway).

We made it down in record time only getting an occasional rain drop with the sound of thunder.

While it was an ugly activation we made it up and made it down in one piece (save my camera) so I call that a success. Lynn and I had great company that were a lot of fun. If all the SOTA hikes were perfect there would not be much to write about.

Dave added his write up to his web site. You can read about it here.

I am trying to understand this software better in order to edit movies. I am very much a novice at this stuff but I learn a little bit each time. What took me hours is now taking minutes and as I get more confident I am experimenting a little bit more each time.

I butchered Dave's callsign in the video. It is NK0E.... How can I mess up a call with so few letters? I blame the altitude.

That is all for now.
Frank K0JQZ

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  1. Frank,

    Your video is FB. But, get some fake fur or acoustic foam to put over the microphone inlet of the camera to silence the wind noise. It can be attached with a light dusting of spray contact adhesive. It only needs to cover all the holes of the inlet while not blocking them, so don't use too much glue nor tape. Videos without wind noise are much better and it only takes a few dollars and minutes to fix.