Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day and a new MTR case

First of all thank you veterans for all that you have done, past, present and future AND, happy 238th Birthday United States Marine Corps (yesterday). Semper Fi!!!!

Today feels like a Sunday because 1) I have to go back to work tomorrow and 2) Lynn and I went to the PX on Fort Carson to shop a bit. It has been kind of a ritual that when we do not have any else to do.

However, yesterday was a non-SOTA hike in Muller State Park. A few pictures.

Great views

Lynn looking into the valley 
A lot of snow in the shaded areas
Rock Pond is just about all frozen

Before going to Fort Carson we went to a local Electronics outlet that sells wire, components, connectors etc… I had a list and got out of there in record time. I needed more teflon wire and picked up some for a friend. The only thing I did not find was RG-174 but I found a good on-line source for better quality stuff than what I have been using. I could spend hours there but I think Lynn was really bored.

After that we went to Fort Carson and I noticed the military supply store (kind of like a surplus store) had rearranged and they had a little pouch that I thought either the KX1 or MTR would fit in. It turns out the bigger of the two (the KX1) does fit and I have more than enough space with the MTR in there.

Without seeing a MTR it is hard to imagine the size but here is a shot of my field radios.

Left to Right: KX3, KX1, ATS4b and MTR
All of these are small radios. The KX3 is a world class radio with many features and would work just as well on the desk of a contest station as it does on a summit. It is truly a pleasure to use and it is Lynn's. The KX1 (my goto QRP radio for a long time) is also a great CW only radio with big rig features like filtering and a ATU. The next radio is the ATS4b that I bought assembled and broken however, after getting advice from a great user group I was back on the air with it. I like that it as it has 5 bands to choose from (80, 40, 30, 20 and 15 Meters). The MTR (white one on the end) is my favorite go-light rig, two bands a decent receiver and it just goes and goes with the smallest of batteries.

Here is a picture of the case or I should say pouch I found today. It will clip to my belt and is only slightly bigger than my portable camera case.

The case I found today
 It has so much room with the MTR that I have a lot of room left over.

Patriot Outfitter (
I am not affiliated with the company at all. I think the price was just under 20 dollars (no sales tax on base). Contents of the case below.

Contents unloaded
As you can see I take a lot of stuff I do not need. I do not need the recorder, cables, clock, speaker or the log book or the pen and pencil if I ever learn how to use the logging program on my iPhone. But I like to record my QSOs and I still like a paper log.

As I did not summit today, I did get to chase a few activators. I worked Dan, NA6MG, Mark, K7NEW, and just worked Steve, wG0AT, who is on Mount Herman with the cremated remains of his lead pack goat, Rooster.  It makes me sad all over again but I know Steve needs the closure and maybe we all do.


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