Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"Christmas Present plus Sugru" or "A perfect case for the ATS4"

Lynn and I had a nice Christmas at home, just the two of us plus our furry children. We slept in late, watched TV and exchanged presents.

I really wanted a Red Ryder BB Gun but I am pretty sure I would have put an eye out by now.
With compass in the stock!

Instead of the BB Gun Santa brought me a watch to use on activations. It clips to my pack, shows 24 hour GMT time, has a compass and more importantly the numbers are big enough for me to see them.

This will come in handy for SOTA activations
The watch came in a neat case and I never like to throw out a neat case. In fact I have a box full of neat cases but most I have not found a good use for. This on looked to be a perfect size for the Steve Weber designed ATS4. A test fit proved it was a pretty close.

Pretty close fit
Test Fit

I have some styrofoam that I was thinking about using but I had a few packets of Sugru left. If you do not know what Sugru is here is a LINK.

This stuff is great!
Bottom part done
I setup the bottom first by rolling the Sugru into four small balls (it is like working with clay) and put them where the feet for the ATS4 would rest. I then set the radio in the box in order to set the feet into the Sugru. Then I made two balls for the top and put the radio in and closed everything.

Top Done
A test shake proved to have no movement which is what I wanted. I noticed the box has a gasket around the edge so I submerged it in the sink (without the radio in it) and it is NOT water proof, it leaked at the hinges but this is only with it completely submerged. I have confidence that in the rain or in my pack it will be just fine. Good enough for me!

The ATS4 is not my ultra light weight radio as I usually use it with a linked dipole, 25 feet of rg-174 coax and a 1400mah battery so it is more for longer SOTA activations or an evening in the park. In other words I do not mind adding a little weight to this setup. For ultralight SOTA activations I go with the MTR and EFHW.

ATS4 in Sugru modified case with ham license taped to top
I have started taping my ham license to my portable equipment along with my phone number an email address just in case I leave something some where. Of course this relies on the person that finds the radio or equipment to make an effort to contact me but I believe most people will do that. After all, the ATS4 or any other Steve Weber designed radio is a relative rarity and does not have much monetary value to the average person. Now if I left Lynn's KX3 on a summit that is different because I have to answer to her.

Merry Christmas

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