Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rockmite 30 II build

Today is a perfect day for a SOTA activation however, I decided to stay home and finish the Rockmite 30 II I started last night. See the video below for the build but just a few comments.

I picked 10.106 as the freq as it is close to 10.111 which is the freq for SOTA activity. Also, I used an Altoids tin for this one so I could try out the Hand-punch I picked up from Grizzly. It worked great!

Output is about 150 to 200 milliwatts with a 9 volt battery but I have not done an accurate  power measurement yet.

I finished it up early enough that I can tackle some other projects like the hi-mite 200hz CW filter and a new linked dipole.


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the video and post Frank. I've been considering a RM build and great to see a nice recap. Great little backup rig to keep in the pack in case your main rig has a hiccup. 72, W7TAO