Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mount Rosa not today

We had intended to summit Mount Rosa today from the Saint Mary's Falls side or East side of the mountain. We usually drive around to the West side and it is a short but steep hike. I was not sure how long of a hike it would be today as I had conflicting information. However, there is a sign at the TH (you have to hike 1.5 miles to get to the TH) that says "Mount Rosa 5 miles" Once we got to Saint Mary's Falls the sign said "Mount Rosa Summit 3 miles."

We got a late start and weather was moving in so it was not to be. We had a nice hike of about 7 miles. I was hurting a bit near the end so I know I need to get out more.

I decided to make this my new goal, Summit Mount Rosa from the Saint Mary's Falls side of the mountain. That would be 6.5 miles one way or 13 miles round trip.  That should get me ready for a trip into the Lost Creek Wilderness along the Ute Trail to McCurdy and Bison (two 6 pointers).

I did bring a GPS but I did not bring any batteries for it. It was a bonehead mistake. However, I took along my new GoPro 3 Plus Black Edition and am still learning how to use it. Most of my issues  come into play during editing as the camera is somewhat user friendly. There is a learning curve but for out of the box operation it is straight forward.

I hope to get better presenting Summits On The Air as a fun activity for all Hams no matter age or license class.

Saint Mary's Falls and this area is a very big attraction with hikers and mountain bike riders so it was crowded today. Of course it was around 70 degrees all day so it was a perfect day to get out. As we got further along the trail the less and less people we saw.  We did see one family running up but lost them and I thought they went a different way but we saw them again at the falls. Mom, Dad and two little kids plus one tiny dog, all running and not even breathing heavy!


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