Sunday, May 25, 2014

Switching Power Supply from Gamma Research, Inc.

Like most Hams I have a few power supplies.  I actually shy away from switched power supplies due to the fan and noise but that was about to change when I saw this one at the Dayton FDIM event. This Power Supply was not really being marketed but was being used to power a K2 at a demonstration table.

What struck me first was the small size and then of course the specs. I do not do impulse purchases very often but if it was for sale I think I would have bought it right there.

The LED lights up "Green" when turned on
The back and power switch

Once I returned I had time to think about it and what sold me is I have some training for work to do in Florida I thought it would be nice to have something small and light weight that I could take with me to power a radio. I will be there for a month so wanted to be able to do a little SOTA chasing.

Here are the specs and link for the Gamma Hybrid Communications Power Supply or HPS-1a:

Input Voltage:  100-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 2 Amps max
Output Voltage:  13.8 VDC +/- 5%
Output Current:  22 Amps at 25% duty/second and 5 amps continuous
Dimensions:  3.37" x 1.55" x 5.25"
Weight:  1.25 lbs
Price: Less than $240.00 shipped

Next to the KX3 for comparison

I ordered the power supply on a Sunday or Monday and received it on Friday. That really impressed me. I think Gamma Research may be a one man outfit.


I used the PS on the KX3, K3, K2 and HW-7 yesterday.

I was doing something to the HW-7 so it was just handy but, I notice that it did not have hardly any noise that other PSs seem to have with that radio. It was a quiet as my Linear supply modified with caps to filter it a bit for the HW-7.

The rear connector is a Molex connector which is fine. I use Anderson Powerpole connectors so I just made a cable for it. Included with the PS is a detailed view of how the Molex Connector works which makes it fool proof.

I am a QRP operator so I could not get the fan to come on until I hooked it up to the K3 and ran it at 100 watts. I transmitted into a dummy load and was able to get the fan to come on but it was very quiet. So much so I had to visually check it to see if it was moving.

I think this will work very nicely as a portable PS from a Hotel or any place with electric. I had planned to use it just like that but may incorporate it permanently into my station setup upon my return.

72 Frank

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