Saturday, May 24, 2014

"Vintage" SOTA Activation of Mount Herman

After fixing the HW-7 slow transmit relay circuit, thanks to KR7W, Rich; sees the write up on my blog here, I decided it was time to try the HW-7 on a SOTA summit. The weather was supposed to be nice in the morning and Lynn had work so I was off to the TH early in the AM.

My plan was to use crystal control as the HW-7 has no offset. This simply means if a station zero beats my signal I will not hear them as I will be about 600hz or more away. With a crystal my transmit frequency remains constant and I can move the receive frequency wherever I need to. Of course I had the 40 meter crystal in hand and not the 20 meter one. I only had the 20 meter antenna so I thought I would just try and make do. In short the only QSO I had was with Steve, wG0AT, on the HW-7. He was able to use his RIT and listen to me just inside his AGC. Of course we were close enough that would work but that was it. I tried to post an email to the SOTA reflector but was unable to get anything through. I will admit I did not try very hard because I do not relying o the Internet in order to play radio.

I had the KX1 as a backup and threw it into action in order to hand out a few chaser points.

I know the chasers had to think I was a total LID or was having equipment problems so I do apologize and that was the reason I went to the KX1. Hopefully everyone understands.

Everything else seemed to work ok vice the feedback I was getting into the audio recorder while it was in line with a homebuilt AF filter. I took everything out of line and just placed the recorder next to the speaker so you will hear some wind noise. I will research that sometime soon as well.

I will be back on a summit with the HW-7 but in the mean time I am researching some RIT options and maybe looking for some more crystals.



  1. Anyone who doesn't understand equipment problems is the quintessence of LID-idity.

    1. I did have a funny moment when I was not registering any power output and a quick tap to the meter fixed that. LOL. All in all, considering the radio was built more than 40 years ago all is good. I know the main problem was the operator forgetting key parts.... It happens.

  2. Great video Frank, hope you'll be using the HW-7 again on the summits, once the crystal / rit issue is resoved.
    73 Rob G0PEB