Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cheesman Mountain W0C/FR-089 Activation 15 June 2014

Lynn had just returned from WI after visiting with her folks for a week. She wanted to do an easy hike and of course she wanted to get a few points if possible. I had researched Cheesman Mountain a little while ago and thought it would be a good time to check it out. How hard could it be, it is under 8K feet ASL and only a 1 pointer.

Famous Last Words!

I would not say it was difficult but there is a fair amount of bushwhacking involved as we have to leave the well established trail and bushwhack through a maze of small hills to reach the ridgeline heading to the summit. Just because it is a 1 pointer does not mean it will be a walk in the park.

Map of the trail at the TH

Fuel Break information
Cheesman Reservoir was visible for the first part of the hike
Lynn did great
Pikes Peak
A lot of dead fall
Great views
You can just make out my hat as viewed from the summit
This is the rock that many people climb up
Lynn goofing off
I was a great hike and a lot of fun. The weather was fine despite the high winds once we were on the summit. We scrabbled down behind the summit rock to get out of the wind and enjoy the activations.

The antenna was a Buddipole Vertical (the 11 inch shock cord version), mini coil, versa tee supported by the shock cord mast. I made a counterpoise and used colored beads to make the frequency I had pre-tuned it for and used the same color for the tap. For example, 20 meters was the blue tap pin the mini coil and the blue bead on the counterpoise. You want to make it fool proof the higher in altitude you go. This setup along with the KX3 is almost 7 pounds which is a nit more than my ultra light MTR and EFHW setup at 14 ozs.

I was able to spot Lynn to my surprise!
RBN Found me after the first CQ
APRS track
Here is the video from the activation:

Thanks Chasers

KC0YQF Log for 20 Meter SSB:


K0JQZ Log 20 Meter CW:

N0BN  Summit to Summit (W0C/FR-073)

73 from Frank and Lynn

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