Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Observatory Rock, 9410 and SOTA Backpacks

I was sore after the Mount Rosa activation but I was also on a high to have conquered Rosa from the East and being able to do it with Steve and Peanut was a bonus. It was loads of fun.

The next day I took time off and messed with the video from that activation. The day following Lynn wanted to get out so we went to Observatory Rock in the Lost Creek Wilderness as we have always liked Observatory and Eagle Rock which is not far from there. It was a fun but short hike up to the summit but our activation was cut short by weather but still a fun time.
Here is the video:

On Monday I wanted to get down Old Stage road mostly for recon but figured if we could, we would activate an unnamed summit called 9410. 9410 is a neat easy hike. There are some vertical parts to the beginning and the end but in between it is just a pleasant walk in the forest. You basically follow a horse trail that goes to Grayback Peak and bushwack when you get to the base of 9410.
The views on this hike are tremendous and there are plenty of places to pitch a tent or stop for lunch.

There are a few rock markers marking the trail. I setup this marker to show where we started to go East or Up the side of 9410. Once on th ridge line you just walk to the summit. It is important to stay on the ridge line the trail keeps you on and to not try a direct approach on the summit. I am sure it is possible but it would be a rough hike.

greyback peak



rock markers

this is where you approach the summit

Elecraft KX3

KC0YQF working the pileup

rock marker on summit of 9410

Mount Rosa

Mount Rosa

TV antennas near the top of Cheyenne Mountain

Colorado Springs
looking West and down
Cheyenne Mountain summit


Once on the summit, since we were a little ahead of our posted activation time, I decided to do a “what’s in my pack” video. Of course if I was just out hiking I would have a lot of the same stuff but Kyle, KB0RPM, asked me what was in my pack for a S.O.T.A. activations so I felt I should do a video on that subject. In the video Lynn also covers the contents of her pack. Which is an interesting point; if you are hiking with a spouse or significant other you can split the load or have one carry food and th other carry water etc. Lynn has not used her real backpack yet so she is limited to day hikes for now. I guess as long as I am the "pack goat" she does not have a need to pack any weight. LOL

The video is below but here are the items by weight:

Golite Jam 35 pack: 16ozs
First Aid kit: 8ozs
Multi tool: 2.4ozs
Flashlight: 2.7ozs
Snakebite kit: 1.2ozs
Eye meds: .2ozs
Extra Pen: .5ozs
Go pro battery: 1ozs
Go Pro: 2.6ozs
KX3/Log/paddles/clock/Antenna/Battery: 5.5lbs OR MTR/Antenna/battery/paddles/log/clock: 18ozs
Audio recorder: 5.6ozs
Extra Speaker (with the MTR): 1.3ozs
GPS: 5.5ozs
Camera: 4.5ozs
Warms Gloves / Hat: 4.8ozs
Bandana: 1.1ozs
Topo: 1.4ozs
Compass: .7ozs
1 liter of water: 2.46lbs
Food: varies

2 Meter Radios: (it depends on the hike on which 2 meter I take)
Kenwood TH-D72: 13.3ozs
Yaesu FT-252: 9.8ozs
Baofeng UV-3R: 5.4ozs

The pack has a whistle built into the chest strap but I am going to add another whistle which is around an oz extra so no big deal. I also carry extra plastic bags, one for trash and smaller ones for water proofing stuff like the 2 meter radio.

Video is here:


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