Friday, October 10, 2014

Some APRS testing on Mount Herman

I have recently become interested in utilizing APRS and all the functionality of my APRS capable radio, the Kenwood TH-D72. This came about because too many times I have been unable to spot Lynn on SSB via the cell phone SMS service and sometimes the chasers will not spot her either so using APRS just gives us one more avenue to get her spotted so she can have a pileup of SOTA chasers and give out as many points as possible. On CW it is much easier since Reverse Beacon Network will pickup the CW signal and put the spot out there as long as an alert is posted.

I made up a checklist and used it to great success.

Here it is:
Kenwood TH-D72 Checklist

Sending APRS message to self spot or to another Amateur APRS radio:
-       Press “f” (f = function key) then MSG Key or number 4
-       Enter callsign( i.e. SOTA / K0JQZ / NK0E / etc) press “OK” twice
-       Enter text (for SOTA SPOT enter “W0C/FR-063  14.061  CW K0JQZ CQ” (in bold is required information)
-       Press OK to send

Sending email:
-       Press “MSG” Key
-       Select Menu
-       Select NEW
-       Enter “EMAIL” in the TO field
-       Enter email address and leave one space blank after email address
-       Enter email text
-       Press OK to send

The hike was nice with the threat of a storm the whole way.

Here is a video of the activation.

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