Sunday, October 19, 2014

The McNeil / Swisher Trail to Cheyenne Mountain

The McNeil Swisher Trail does not really go to the summit of Cheyenne Mountain but it gets you about a half mile away. The McNeil part of the trail is well marked and actually goes down in elevation at first so it is a little tough coming back up if you did the Swisher Trail. The Swisher Trail has several switchbacks and is a bear but is not that long. Once you get to the top you come up at an Aspen Grove and you follow it around to the West and South and make your way up the slope to the ridge that the Cheyenne Mountain geographical summit sits on.

Here is the actual trail.

Lynn and I had lunch just beyond the Aspen Grove and enjoyed the views and mild weather then headed back down.

Here is our route:
Our GPS Route
 And our APRS Track:
K0JQZ-7 APRS Track
Lynn on the trail

McNeil Trail
The commercial antenna farm
Lynn getting ready for lunch

Our usual route to the summit of Cheyenne Mountain for a SOTA activation would be almost straight on (East front he same TH) and very vertical. This is a much longer route (around 6 miles roundtrip). Lynn and I did close to 5.5 miles on this trip. I want to explore this area a little more either before the snow starts in or next spring.

While on the summit I sent an APRS email to my friend Mark, WA6MVT, and to myself and it worked fine. I did talk to K0NR briefly on two meter simplex on our way down but copy was rough so we cut it short. 


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