Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Wigwam Trail (very little Ham Radio content)

Dave, NK0E and I have been planning an overnighter in the Lost Creek Wilderness area to camp, hike and do a SOTA summit. Our goal was W0C/FR-141 which is unnamed and has never been activated. Dave carefully picked out an area to camp and off we went. It was a challenging hike with about 1200 foot elevation gain in just around 4 miles with about 30 pounds on our backs. The scenery more than made up for it and since it was a Friday we saw very little foot traffic.
Our Goal

Good Advice

After the big Beaver Pond we found an area that had a stream flowing so we could get water. I wanted to try out my Sawyer mini filter and it worked great. I modified the water bag a bit so really wanted to make sure it worked as well in the field as it did at home. It did. I really like the light weight mini filter.

I was feeling the pain for sinuses, altitude and exhaustion so I turned in early while Dave explored the area. Dave discovered that our approach to the summit require another two miles down the trail then a steep and wooded bushwhack vertical. We had not really thought about it but we did not have enough time to do the summit and hike out the next day so we decided to forego the summit. Dave setup his KX3 and EF in base camp to make a few SSB QSOs and we packed up and headed out.

No SOTA points does not bother me as it was just fun to be out there. We will do it again next fall and plan on two nights in order to summit FR-141. To tell you the truth SOTA has lost some of its charm for me but maybe it will pickup again next year. I think this would be a great area for Field Day or for other QRP events like QRP To The Field. Thanks Dave for introducing this area to me.

I did not take a lot of video or pictures but I hobbled together a short video with a few pictures and small amount of video.


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