Friday, November 28, 2014

Just a hike in the forest

Today Lynn and I headed out to the Pike National Forest. No SOTA and in fact I did not bring a HF radio at all. Just the 2 meter to use the APRS function and listen to a local repeater that is near Cheyenne Mountain. This was just a hike to get outside and enjoy the 60 plus degree weather we had today.

Here was our route.
4.4 miles total
The snow made the trail a little tricky in some spots. We took the McNiel Trail to the old water pump and decided to head back to a clearing we found in order to have lunch. After lunch we headed back to the Jeep. We went pass the intersection to the McNeil Trail and I could see that someone went up the trail wearing spikes. It is steep enough to justify spikes just about any time of the year.

I did take note of the coordinates for the intersection of the McNeil Trail which are: N 38.74898 degrees by W 104.87457 degrees. The altitude was 8467 feet which means it is about 1000 feet below the true summit of Cheyenne Mountain.

The Trail

Lynn making her way through the snow

Lynn on the Trail

The Old Water Pump

frozen waterfall
K0JQZ on the trail

Sorry but no ham radio content to this blog post however, I did get 75 feet of coax in the mail today. I mis-remembered and actually needed 100 feet, so another 25 feet is on order. I am trying to get my 2 meter and 70 Centimeter working better since Lynn and I have been using 2 meters to chat during bad weather when she is making the long trek out to her school. I was never much for two meters or repeaters but I am surprised at how little activity there is. I did have my APRS beacon on today as you can see below.

K0JQZ-7 APRS track

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