Monday, November 10, 2014

My Buddipole Vertical

Surprisingly I get a lot of questions about the Buddipole vertical setup I use. I did not buy a standard antenna setup but rather purchased the parts to make what I wanted to meet my specific needs.

We have a deluxe Buddipole for our deployable HF station at work but I started using Buddipole products when I had a truck camper and they just fit well. At the time I did not need to setup and teardown quickly but did need a good antenna system and they performed that task well. As I started down the Summits On The Air path I wanted something I could setup anywhere quickly and that is how I came up with what I use.

I do not use the Buddipole system all the time but sometimes, when space is limited it is easier than running a random wire, especially with many people about, (think Pikes Peak).

I do not do "how to" videos as they take a lot of time to put together correctly so I just used the video from our recent SOTA activation on an unnamed summit called 10,808 for its altitude near the historic town of Victor Colorado.

I have no connection with Buddipole other than giving them money in order to play with their antennas and parts.



  1. Great video Frank! My next purchase is a Buddipole as I see nothing but great reviews and videos about them. On that mini-coil, what two bands do you have it pre-tuned to?


    Kyle - N0KTK

    1. Kyle, I have it tuned for 20, 17, 15 and 12 meters. My intent was to make a delta loop for 10 and perhaps a yogi for 6 meters but I have not done that yet. Thanks for leaving a comment and reading my blog. 73 Frank, K0JQZ

  2. I should point out that the blue tap - 20 meters, the yellow is for 17 meters and the red serves dual purpose as 15 and 12 meters with the length of the counterpoise being the resonate factor. I use two red beads for 12 meters on the counterpoise.