Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The American Morse Mini B

Today I received the American Morse Mini B single level paddle. I put it together in about 30 minutes. It does have a lot of tiny parts so caution is advised. 

I have yet to use it but have used American Morse Paddles in the past and they work as advertised. I also have the Rock Mite case Doug Hauff makes which has a real cool factor besides being bullet proof. Doug does excellent machine work and these things go together with a fine precision that is lost on some other kits. 

The instructions to put this together can be found on-line and are well documented. I found no mistakes and the text and pictures made it fool proof.

The unpacking of the kit

A lot of tiny parts

Before making the adjustments

Need to add a cable and ready to go to the field

I will have to run to radio shack to get the cable, Doug even supplies the Radio Shack part number in case you need it. This is heavier than the pico paddles (2.4 OZS without the cable) but I think they are real sturdy and sometimes that is more important.


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