Sunday, December 21, 2014

Knights Peak (W0C/FR-144) with wG0AT Boo and Peanut

Steve and I decided to do another Friday activation before Christmas. It was a cool day in the Front Range expected to get into the 40s and it was a balmy 19 degrees at the TH of Knights Peak.

Knights Peak is off of Old Stage/Gold Camp Road and very near to 9410 which we activated last week. I got no points for this one as I have already activated it this year but still a lot of fun.

Unloading the Goats is a lot easier than loading them

Boo and Peanut are waiting for the humans

I would guess it was in the single digits in the shade, Brrrr
My APRS Jeep track from work to home to the TH and our Hike
Once on the summit the sun felt great. It was still cold and we had to deal with sweaty clothes so we changed into dry stuff and had lunch. In sort order we deployed the 58 foot longer and connected it to the KX3. Steve got everything setup and went to 15 meters to stir up some activity. The first one to call was Wes Hayward, W7ZOI. Wes is a legend in the area of portable Trail Friendly radios and has been doing this stuff for a long time. His radio designs are worth reading.

Steve stays warm with a hot thermos of unknown contents

Steve at work

The KX3

Homemade paddles and iphone logbook (high speed low drag for sure)
Santa representing
The area
After Steve runs down the pileup and there are no other callers he announces that we are going to 10 meters. Not too long ago that would be enough to get a few chasers over to 10 meters and get spotted but with the Reverse Beacon Network we get a little lazy so after a while of calling CQ I decide to self spot myself via APRS.

At 1932Z my APRS beacon goes in
It was slow going on 10 meters but most of the stations I worked were fairly strong and I could hear a lot of activity on the band. N4EX in NC was booming into Colorado. 10 Meters is amazing when it is open. I did not think of it at the time but we should had checked 6 meters as well.

Peanut Helps

Peanut provides fills when I miss a callsign

Great views from our shack
 While we were getting ready to head down we heard a a couple of C-130s and looking to the North we could see one flying at 13,000 to 15,000 feet and the other at 10,000 feet and he or she flew over Frosty Park which is the TH for Mount Rosa and not too far from us. Unfortunately the battery in my GoPro died and the other one was in the pack. A missed opportunity but very cool to see.

Peanut having a Zen moment

Boo helping out

The video is a little longer than I wanted and I had to cut out some great footage to get it to this length. That is always the hard part when you have 3 hours of video to choose from. The purpose of my videos is not a "how to" guide to hike, SOTA or even Ham Radio they are just meant to show how much fun taking your radio into the field can be. If they inspire one ham to get out and do a SOTA activation or of they get a non-ham interested in ham radio then they have served their purpose. I do have a lot of fun making them.

Here it is



  1. I don't know if my first comment made it so here's a dup. Great story and video! My QRP outdoor radio mentor, Jim Cluett - W1PID, has told me all about your Colorado adventures and the goats. We do the same here in central NH, but it's not the same scale. We'd love to come and do a hike with you, Steve, Peanut and Boo one day. I've got some stories and videos here: Thanks again! Tim Carter - W3ATB

    1. Tim, hi and thank you for leaving a comment. Also Happy Holidays. I am a subscriber to your videos and enjoyed your recent one about the tipi. Any time you find you way out here let us know. I never though Ham Radio would take me into the Rockies hi hi.72, Frank K0JQZ

      73 Frank

  2. Awe trip Frank and Steve. Every time I read the blogs it makes me want to head to the hills again. Your blogs always give me great ideas for using the go pro. I need to get mine into action a little more often. Thanks for sharing your trip.

    1. Matt, likewise, I am envious on you being able to bring your family along. That just increases the fun when the whole family can join in. Thank you for leaving a comment. I now use two go pros as I picked up the Hero as well. Making the videos has become something I enjoy just as much.

      72, Frank K0JQZ