Saturday, December 13, 2014

SOTA Activation of W0C/FR-168 or 9410 by K0JQZ and wG0AT

I simply had a blast! It was a perfect Colorado day with temps in the 50s and little to no wind. On this activation I took my new PX3 and decided to give PSK31 a whirl. It would have helped to preload the memories in the KX3 for the PSK31 exchanges as it would simply become a matter of pushing the correct memory button. Of course I would rather do it the hard way and send everything with the paddles. Sending PSK31 via morse code input was interesting. I like that I could hear the CW characters, see the translation on the PX3 display and hear the PSK31 signal all at once. At first it was a bit of sensory overload but you get used to it.

Elecraft not only makes great products and has great customer support (I know that first hand). The equipment and features are obviously developed by people that are hams and actually operate. The same cannot be said for many other companies and you can tell by their products and the way common features are three layers down in a menu system.

Steve decided to have a little show and tell at the TH with his new OG Spy Radio built by the radio spy master W0RW himself. It is really cool.... I am beat so the rest of this blog post is just pictures and a video at the end.

We had a "Show and Tell" at the TH with the OG Spy Radio
Too heavy to haul up the Mountain but OG is working on a solution
wG0AT "Old Goat" running a 20 meter pileup
The KD1JV designed 2 band MTR
Commercial Antennas above Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station
Steve's antenna weight (works great)
Great Shack
Summit Registry (I never seen one on this summit in the past, good to see)
Great Views
Mount Rosa in the center
Our APRS Track
K0JQZ spotted on PSK!!!

Now sit back with Mister Mann and enjoy the video.

Mister Mann watching the video (he is not impressed and is very critical)

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