Sunday, February 8, 2015

Freeze Your Buns Off (FYBO) or not

This years FYBO Operating event is history and it was epic. Steve, WG0AT, and I operated from Signal Hill (non-SOTA summit) on Steve's property.

I did not know about the team rule that had to be mailed in prior and it is not important as this was a non competitive event for Steve and I. We tried many different radios all in the name of fun.

Our first order of business was to move a picnic table from Steve's deck over to the hill and setup the antenna. The antenna played well on all bands we used. The first radio was the KX3 and PX3 powered by a GoalZero Sherpa 50 charged by a solar panel. The Sherpa 50 does not provide enough power to run the KX3 at the full 10 or 12 watts but it did run it at 5 watts most of the day. This coupled with the RF hash the solar system produces makes it something I cannot recommend.

KX3 and PX3
Solar Panel

Sherpa 50 providing power

We also used a Steve Weber, KD1JV, designed ATS4 and finally another Steve Weber radio called the MTR or Mountain Topping Radio.

Steve Weber (KD1JV Designed ATS4b) (80, 40, 30, 20 and 15 Meters)

The two band MTR

Close up of the MTR

WG0AT Goat Paddles

After a while my XYL Lynn, KC0YQF, showed up with lunch and after we visited with Peanut and Boo and walked around Steve's property scouting locations for Field Day.

This was a different thing for us by not being on a mountain top and having full access to cables, tools, drink etc. I liked it.

Here is a break down of my entry:

Team: None
Field: Yes
Category: Single Op
Alternative Power: Yes, Solar
Lowest Temperature: 55 Degrees (Feb in Colorado, you have to love it)
QRPp: No - 5 Watts
SCORE: 2496

15             2          2           0
20             9          8           0
30             2          2           0

TOTAL:  13       12        0

Score = (13 X 12) (X2 Temp Factor) (X4 Field Factor) (X2 Alt Pwr) = 2496

Mount Herman looms to the West of us
K0JQZ looking for QSOs (photo by wG0AT)
This is a fun event and I think everyone we talked too had a lower temperature than we did. Amazing!



  1. What a stunning day you had WX wise! Congrats on all the Qs Frank!

    Much better than the 21 F Jim Cluett, W1PID and I (W3ATB) dealt with in central NH. Jim's story about FYBO is here:

    My side of the story can be seen here:

    1. Yes, it was amazing weather here in Colorado. We actually got pretty warm as the day progressed then chilled as the wind picked up but we could not ask for a milder day to operate outdoors. I wish we could have made a QSO with you two. 72 Frank K0JQZ