Monday, February 9, 2015

K1N is in the Log!

Finally, after a week of trying to get K1N and jumping into the madness I was finally able to get them. I was listening off and on all day and I could hear K1N on 40 meters fairly well in the evening and tried for at least an hour straight to get them. Even with the P3 I could never really locate their listening freq.  This was frustrating and the pileup was tremendous, the worse I have ever heard.

There were a lot of people calling on his transmit freq but I bet most people did not realize they where not split. I am guilty of this as well from time to time when I had a Ten Tec Omni 6 and it was very embarrassing when it happened. With the K3 and P3 those guessing days are gone and I now actually prefer to work DX split. It gives my 5 watts an advantage.

I noticed a spot that had K1N on 20 meters and I went there and the pileup was just starting. I easily found their listening freq, put out my call and they came back after my first call. I looked over at Mister Mann and he did not seem very impressed. I was ecstatic!

Mister Mann was not impressed and wanted more cat nip

K0JQZ is in the K1N Log!
I was using 5 watts to a Dipole no more than 20 feet high. This was an example of luck over skill but I will take it.



  1. Congratulations, Frank! I finally got them QRP on 20 Meters also, Saturday night. and your Mr. Mann looks a lot like our Sandy. We didn't name her after her coloring, but after the Hurricane. She can tend to tear up our house about the same the hurricane did!

    73 de Larry W2LJ

  2. Thanks Larry, I was starting to wonder if my 5 watts would ever break the pileup. Mister Mann came to us a few months ago, he is a good ham radio kitty and loves hanging out in the shack. I did a blog entry about him a few months ago

    I find it hard to believe that someone just discarded him. He is very friendly and mild mannered save when he wants attention.

    Thanks for leaving a comment. 72 Frank K0JQZ

  3. Congrats Frank on K1N! I tried for about an hour on Thur night with no luck. The pile up was horrible. I think I had the split correct, but who knows with all the QRM going on out there. I finally got an outside HF antenna up, but my 10 watts on the KX3 SSB was no match for the big boys, plus I ran out of time. Oh well, something to look forward to in 30 years for the next DXpedition, right?!? Good grief...

  4. Kyle, that was not a normal pileup. I think I just got lucky with 5 watts. Do not be discouraged. I recently decided to try and get DXCC, QRP with a simple wire antenna and/or vertical. It is difficult for me to get into Europe but I am having fun chasing some new ones. I have around 55 countries confirmed so far. 10, 15 and 17 meters have been my bread and butter for that effort. I am also thinking of trying for WAS in the milliwatt category using a Rockmite.

    I read on your blog about your outdoor antenna solution and congratulations. The antenna is always the most important part of the station. 73, Frank, K0JQZ