Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow on Presidents Day

Lynn and I both had off for Presidents Day but the weather pretty much kept us inside. On Friday I was able to install Lynn's new 2 meter in her car (IC-880) and today I bought a RJ45 female to female connector and 3 feet of ethernet cable to finish that installation. I still need to clean up the wires a bit but it is installed and working.

I also installed the second receiver in the K3 but today was the first time I played with it. I think this was one of the best upgrades I did. I love listening to both receivers t the same time.

With the weather today I wanted to re-package a few projects that I have been working on. First up was the NEScaf which is a Switched Capacitive Audio Filter. I bought this specifically for use with the HW-7 and now the HW-8 in the field. I noticed on the NEScaf link that they are out of this kit. It is really a cool kit and works very well.

I found the tin at REI, I was going to mount the battery on the inside because there is enough room but decided to put a power jack on the outside making it easier to change out when needed.

NEScaf Filter
This repackage went fairly quickly since there was a lot of room to work with. Mister Mann decided he would rather play in the dirt than help me.

Mister Mann checking the underside of the deck
Next up was the Rockmite 30 Meter transceiver. I had this mounted in an Altoids Tin but wanted to do a cleaner job and also wanted to use the unique tin I picked up while on a SOTA activation in Estes Park Colorado.
30 meter Rockmite II
I like the Rockmites because they are simple and can go together in an afternoon. Great kits to learn on or just have fun with. Our baby cat Maura decided it was better to watch "cat TV" or look out the window than help with this one. She did check in on me in between naps.

The final one was the 200Hz HighPerMite audio filter. I really like this one offered by the 4 State QRP Group. Fun and easy to build and very practical with the Rockmites.

I think the next one will be the 3 band Steve Weber designed MTR. While the case that came with it is compact and strong there is just something about doing you own enclosure. I found a tin that is slightly bigger than a Altoids Tin that will be a perfect fit. I am not sure if I will do this one as I may sell off this radio. I just do not use it at all and actually bought it for someone else that does not want it.

Our older cat is in her 20th year and was wondering where her Dental Mints went to.

I do have one of the early Rockmite cases and really like it. It holds my 20 meter Rockmite and is the one I used for the Rockmite Challenge in 2013 on Mount Herman. It really was a lot of fun to run a pileup putting out 200 milliwatts to a simple wire antenna. Here is a picture of the 20 meter Rockmite along with my favorite QRP SOTA radio, the Steve Weber designed MTR dual band (30 and 20 meters).

20 Meter Rockmite on the left and 20/30 Meter MTR on the right
Of note Lynn and I did a drive up SOTA activation on Valentines Day on 10808 near Victor Colorado. We got a cabin where we got married at (near that area) and had an enjoyable time relaxing. It was nice to get out in 4 feet of snow and work the SSB and CW pileups with Lynn's KX3.

72, Frank, K0JQZ


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