Sunday, April 19, 2015

An Ozarkcon Inspired Propagation Indicator

The weather has been somewhat unpredictable. I mowed my yard for the first time this season on Wednesday. The yard and bushes are coming in good and I get a lot of enjoyment from doing stuff like that. I think I enjoy it because it is measurable work. In other words, when I mow the yard, move rocks, plant a garden etc I can see the result of my labor at the end of the day. There is a lot to be said for that. On Thursday I had to drive to Denver for a meeting and it took me three hours to get up there mostly due to rain, snow and hail. Friday was much of the same as well as Saturday and to a lesser extent Sunday. Wednesday I am mowing the yard and Friday I am shoveling snow in the driveway.... Colorado!


The "Woody Factor Index" was the result of some discussion at Ozarkcon about propagation index and predictions. Woody, WD9F, was the catalyst behind John, N0EVH, coming up with the Woody Factor or WF (named in honor of Woody, WD9F). What does this thing do? Well, it uses the WF Formula is to come up with an indicator which tells you if it is worth operating or not during a given period. With a WF near zero and you might as well read a book or do yard work. A WF of more than zero then it is safe to operate. This would be specifically valuable to SOTA operators.

The finished product

WF says do not operate

Early testing had both lights coming on as the WF approached zero

Small, Light and Invaluable

The Indicator in an Altoids Tin

WF is RED then do not operate

RED means fire up the soldering iron and do something else
The circuit
No more trying to figure out all those complex solar index numbers and counting sunspots. Just press a button and you know instantly. WD9F, N0EVH, WA8REI, KD0MQO and WG0AT all had a hand in this and all the credit and or blame goes to them.



  1. Are you sure this wasn't dreamed up on April 1st? ...Peanut goat

    1. Just a tad late for April 1st. Maybe it will be re-introduced next year in time for 1 April......