Thursday, April 2, 2015

SOTA March Madness

During Spring Break from School I took a few days off so I could activate a few summits with Steve wG0AT and my XYL Lynn, KC0YQF.


First up was Blue Mountain near Lake George Colorado.
Goat Wagon and SOTA Jeep

KC0YQF and wG0AT

KC0YQF and K0JQZ at the TH

KC0YQF, Lynn, making her way up Blue Mountain

wG0AT leading the way

View of Pikes Peak 

Another one

KC0YQF under shelter from wind

Summit Registry


Lynn and I decided to tackle Threemile Mountain next but unfortunately Steve, wG0AT, was restricted to the goat barn. Threemile Mountain is near Guffy Colorado.

On our way up Threemile Mountain

Lynn, KC0YQF making her way up

Great Views

Topless on the Air


Our last summit for SOTA March Madness was Signal Butte, near Divide Colorado. While there was no snow at the TH we had to transverse to the South side of the mountain where there was plenty of the white stuff. However, the summit was clear and warm.
Lynn running the 20 meter SSB Pileup with the KX3

The ultimate SOTA rig, Elecraft KX3

Hiking pole supporting one end of the EF

Pike Peak from Signal Butte

Summit marker with a few items

And that was all the summits we got in. I would have liked to do more during the bonus season but there is a lot to be said for enjoying the summit hikes vice trying to do one after another just to get the points.



  1. How lucky you are to have a beautiful backyard to play in.

    1. Thanks John. You and Pam are welcome to come out and play anytime you want.