Saturday, April 25, 2015

The "GOAT GUY" and the "OTHER GUY" do the summit of 10650 for Summits On The Air

I have been having some difficult times at work so this was just what I needed. Steve, WG0AT and I decided to tackle the un-named summit of 10650. I was on this summit in Aug of last year and it is much easier when there is no snow. It is less than a mile and less than 1000 foot vertical gain but when it is covered in 2 to 3 feet of snow you have to work for those points.

The "GOAT GUY" (wG0AT) leading the way

The "OTHER GUY" (K0JQZ) trailing behind (Photo by WG0AT)
The was pretty much the path we took

My APRS beacon track
The road once we crossed into Teller County, was in rough shape. It was nothing but pot holes and slow going. I hope they fix it before it gets too late in the season but I do not have confidence that will happen.

Vews from the tree covered summit

The summit registry is under that rock

Another view from the summit

We came across a flat spot a few meters from the summit and that is where we setup two stations. I used the MTR with EFHW and Steve was rocking the KX3 and 58 foot EF random wire.

This mint tin houses my matching circuit for the linked EF for 20 and 30 meters (Photo by WG0AT)

Pico Paddles (Photo by WG0AT)

Power source for the MTR (Photo by WG0AT)

Mountain Topper Radio or MTR for 20 and 30 meters  (Photo by WG0AT)

K0JQZ in the shack (Photo by WG0AT)

I only worked four stations on 30 meters. I am not sure why but RBN (Reverse Beacon Network) never picked me up but N6KZ found my weak signal and posted my spot to the SOTA Watch web site which produced 3 more QSOs. My QSOs included N6KZ, N0EVH, N9KW and K0LAF. I had to work for them and I thought after Steve got done I would jump on 20 meter CW. That never happened due to weather coming in. I think we would had been ok but I do not think either one of us wanted to take that chance. I started thinking about the rough drive coming in, the hike down and the possibility of an electrical component and I decided to pack up my station and listen to Steve run the pileup. 

This was the forth activation using the 9 volt Energizer Advanced Lithium and it just dropped under 9 volts to 8.990 volts. I think it has a few activations left in it. I really want to see how long I can go on different 9 volt batteries. The last one (a Duracell) lasted four activations but I misplaced it so I will test another one after I exhaust this one. It is nice to know that I can take the radio with me on a plane or anywhere and not have to worry about a power source as I can pickup a 9 volt anywhere.

WG0AT under tarp shelter during snow

The KX3 right at home on the summit

WG0AT working the pileup on 15 Meters
The Goat Guy got a few summit to summits stations and at least 4 DX stations! 15 Meters was open! There did seem to be some deep QSB but he had a good run. I was satisfied that I was able to work 4 stations on 30 Meters but started to think I may need to check everything over again. That was the first time RBN did not hear me and it bothers me.

At the end of our activation I was getting very cold. Before the hike I took my heavy winter gear out of my pack and wish I didn't but I still had a jacket, rain gear and gloves so that really saved me. I just wish we could had sent more time on the summit. When the sun was out it was very pleasant but when the clouds moved in and the snow started back up it was time to go.

It was a great day.

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