Monday, July 20, 2015

A memorable QSO with Kylee at ND0C

While doing a SOTA activation from Monarch Ridge South Lynn got a pleasant surprise when she was called by Kylee from the station of Randy, ND0C. We could hear Kylee better than she could hear us and Lynn was fading completely out at times on Kylee's end. If not for that I do not think Randy would have stepped in.

Here is a video of the QSO:

It really made our day! Thanks Kylee and Randy!


UPDATE: The final curtesy of a QSO is the QSL. I love it when someone takes the time to fill out a card for a QSO and put it in an envelope so it does not get damaged. I really love the fact that Hams are taking more of a personal approach to their card designs these days. 

Notice: QRP Station!!!

All the right info and readable

Love the note from Kylee!!!!

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