Saturday, July 18, 2015

Gipsy Windcamp portable Dipole Antenna

I recently picked up a Gipsey Antenna from Windcamp. A good friend, W0MNA Gary, showed me one of these not too long ago. I was curious so found one on the Internet and picked it up here. I think it was around 70 dollars.

The antenna manual

This antenna is simple, a 1 to 1 balun and two wire winders with wire that are pre-marked and tuned for 40 through 10 meters.

What impressed me was the high quality of the product. The 1 to 1 balun and wire winders are machines very nicely. It is a little heavy at almost 1 pound (14 ozs) but I though if nothing else I would through it in the jeep along with the KX1 for that just in case moment.

The contents save the stow bag and small loop to support the center that is almost useless (I added the orange velcro and BNC adapter)

I did attach a velcro strap in order to have a way to support the center and also a pl-259 to BNC connector for the coax as that is what I had out at the time.

Close up

Color coded and easy to read. Idiot Proof!

Just unroll to the band you want (Red = 28 - 29 MHz)

Attach your support line to the hole on the other end of the winder

The feed end of the dipole

Attached to the 1 to 1 balun

I connected both ends of the dipole and hoisted it up to about 25 or 30 feet and used it in an inverted-vee configuration. No surprises and it works as advertised, just like any other dipole. I checked it on each band and it was broad enough for SSB and CW operations.

Although it is not an optimum SOTA antenna it can certainly be used very effectively anywhere there are trees to support it just like any other dipole. The only draw back may be that over time the wire connector may bend and break but it would be simple enough to just feed the wire into the hole on the post.

72 Frank


  1. Frank, in your experience, what are some of the best SOTA antenna you've used?

    1. Kyle, the answer to that question is, it depends. I am not trying to be a smart a$$ but it really depends on the terrain, bands you want to operate and the radio your using. With SOTA you want light and quick but I will go heavier based on the summit. The ONE antenna that I have used the most is the 9 to 1 UNUN with about a 30 foot piece of wire. I can support it with a fishing pole and also just throw it in a tree. However, that is only when I am using the KX3. For my other radios (MTRs and Rockmites) I liked to use a tuned antenna like an EFHW. I recommend not buying these antennas but making them yourself. They are just too easy and fun to make. If you send me an email to I will send you a few files (please let me know what your setup is going to be).

      Thanks for the comments and reading the blog. 73 Frank K0JQZ

  2. I notice that this antenna leaves the excess wire on the winders sort of like the Yo-Yo antennas versus the linked dipole design which disconnects the excess wire. Are there any advantages or disadvantages to winding up the excess versus disconnecting the excess or is it just two different ways of accomplishing the same thing?

    1. Tom, yes you are correct. I prefer to use a linked dipole vice winding the excess up but it does work. Thanks for leaving a comment. 73

  3. Hi, friend

    I've bought Gipsy WINDCAMP 7-30MHz HF
    my question :
    if safe to use in Kenwood ts50s = Power 125 watts, because the antenna is only 100 watts pep?

    I really hope to get the answer, before I plug

    thank you

    1. The Balun may not handle anything over 100 watts. I would suggest you turn your power down.

  4. thanks for the answer ... one more question, if I replace the balun alone with other brands did not matter ...? to overcome its power alone

    1. Yes, you can do that. Just make sure it is a 1:1 Balun. You can eliminate the balun altogether but it is always a good idea to use a Balun depending on your application.

  5. without balun can too? if no balun is on the coax directly to the wire? thanks guidance

    1. Yes. Ideally you should use a balun but you do not have to. Here is a site that explains it better than I an.

  6. Hello Frank - I have the Gypsy dipole also and find it great, in fact, its very good. For its price I think its really good value.
    I will be /QRP/P this coming week from Connemara in Ireland.
    Ger EI6DP