Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mount Rosa 3 July 2015 W0C/FR-034

Lynn and I decided to do Rosa a few days ago. Unfortunately, Steve, wG0AT and the goat boys could not join us. The road to get to the back TH was in worse shape than I have seen it in. We had three water crossing, in the past there had been none. After the first one I should had pulled over and just hiked the mile to the TH but I pressed on. The Jeep did fine but I think I was pushing the limits of the stock Rubicon. or maybe just the driver. We were the only vehicle at the TH as everyone else hiked in. Even the Hummer pulled over, ha.... (when we returned to the TH another 2 door Rubicon was just pulling up) Definitely a Jeep Trail.

The only vehicle at the TH

Steve and I did Mount Rosa from St Mary's Falls last year and it was the toughest hike I have done with SOTA. 15 miles and almost 5K feet elevation gain. This hike was about two miles and about 1K of gain. The first 500 feet take you through the forest until you reach a plateau and it is a simple right turn and head to the summit for another 500 feet of vertical gain. The views are normally great but the clouds started forming as we headed up. It is about this time I started to think if it rained I would most likely not be able to get the Jeep down the trail as the water would be way too deep. I was not worried about waiting for the next day for the storms to subside as I would have HF, VHF and UHF communications if I needed anything. We had enough food and shelter for an over nighter.

Our Route profile

Our Route, GPS track

On the summit there was a lot of trash that I gathered up and Lynn packed out. There had also been a pretty good size fire pit. I do not have a problem with that but if you are going through the effort to pack food and beer to the summit you should pack it out.

Some People!!!!

Once on the summit I could not get the recorder working which is why the first part of Lynn's activation is not in the video. I also cannot get my GoPro 3 Plus Black Edition to mate with my Mac Pro so I am using the GoPro Hero. I like the 3 plus better because it is so light. I am not sure what I am going to do about fixing that. I sure do not want to buy another one. I believe this is a Mac vice GoPro issue.

Lynn's KX3

Nice views

Rosa with cloud cover

Weather moving in

Here is the video:

Thanks Chasers and Activators
72 Frank

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