Monday, July 6, 2015

SOTA Activation of Summit 9036 or W0C/FR-125 5 July 2015

I did not post an alert to the SOTA website because I was not sure we would be activating anything or not.

Lynn and I headed out but knew the road would still be closed to the TH of summit 9036 so we figured we would just walk around. Of course we had all our gear just in case. Upon arriving to the road to the TH, just past Lake George Colorado, there was already a pickup truck parked and a sign that said road closed due to flooding. It stated that it would reopen when it dries out and that currently there was a rick of getting stuck. Well the road was in better shape than it usually is in the winter! In fact the last time we did this one I was unable to make it down the "opened" road for fear of getting stuck in about 2 feet of snow. A quick test of the GPS indicated that the summits was only 2.09 miles as the crow flies so we decided to try for it. Of course it was more like 2.5 to 3 miles one way due to the winding road and trail but that was ok. Regardless, we did over 17,000 steps according to Lynn's fitbit.

There was no wind and a few clouds. By the time we got to the summit there was a good amount of cloud cover which was good as we would had been in direct sunlight. We hydrated well and even stopped for lunch before we tackled the last 300 vertical feet. I think that helped a lot since we were both on little sleep thanks to fireworks.

We pressed on and got setup on a nice rock outcropping. I chose this spot due to the large tree next to it which allowed me to deploy the end fed in a vertical configuration.

Lynn went first on SSB and drummed up a few QSOs then I went on 20 meter CW and had a good pileup and one Summit to Summit QSO.

I used all the pictures (even the one of Lynn's thumb) in the video so here it is:

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