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Amateur Radio Newsline PODCAST from 7 Aug 2015

The article about our SOTA activities that ran in the local paper ran was picked by the Amateur Radio Newsline. (thanks Kyle for the heads up). The only thing I do not like about the article and Newsline Report is the emphasize the reporter and the Newsline put on the "points and standings."

We all know that Summits On The Air is more than just a points system and we all have our reasons for activating and chasing. If we were all points driven it would be pretty boring. I remember telling the reporter something to that effect and I purposley negated to tell him our standings in relation to everyone else but after asking me several times over a few days I finally told him and that is what he keyed in on. It is not his fault but it certainly isn't our motivation although a great number of SOTA people are motivated by their standings. There is nothing wrong with it, it just isn't our thing.

That is just human nature I guess, we humans value our standings and placement as compared to others of our species.

The number one question I get when Lynn and I explain what we are doing on a summit is... "what do you get when you get to 1000 points?" My response is usually "satisfaction of accomplishment" and of course I do add that there is a trophy, if you want to pay for it. (I will gladly pay for it because it does support SOTA)

SOTA activators and chasers are very much like the people that summit all the 14ers in Colorado. There is no reward save the satisfaction of the accomplishment.

I cannot talk for Lynn but I think she just likes hanging out with me and if we are doing SOTA, camping, riding motorcycles or anything else it really doesn't matter.  Bottom line is I get to hike, enjoy the outdoors and ham radio with my wife. How many others can say that, and yes, I know how lucky I am!!!!

K0JQZ and KC0YQF after a SOTA activation
Everyone has personal goals that move them. In order to quit smoking I used a reward system. After three days I rewarded myself with a new 1911 .45 ACP, after a week a new GPS etc.... It worked! I guess the points could be looked at in the same way.

It is interesting to note that my SOTA goal was to do one summit in 2012. On my first attempt, Mount Herman, I did not make it. My second attempt on Midland Hill was successful but it only left me wanting for more. What kept me going was a new formed friendship with Steve wG0AT as it is a lot of fun to hang out with a likeminded individual. We often chat about everything from QRP to coffee to relationships while hiking up a mountain. If it wasn't for Steve and encouragement from Lynn this would had jus been a passing fad for me.

Me on my first successful SOTA activation (Midland Hill)

wG0AT aka "The Goat Man" working a pileup

Incidentally, Lynn did not want to activate when we first started this journey. I had to talk her into upgrading from Technician to General and to get on HF SSB. Now she is the one that is prodding me to get out on the weekends.  The times are a changing! LOL

So, while I like that the Amateur Radio Newsline picked up the story, and I am disappointed that the points are mentioned as some type of accomplishment I am glad that SOTA is becoming a Ham Radio household name here in the Colonies and especially in Colorado.

Here is the newsline Podcast Audio:
7 Aug Amateur Radio Newsline Podcast


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