Friday, August 28, 2015

Aspen Ridge, Summits On The Air

Between work and SOTA activations on the weekends I have not had a lot of time to make bog entries much less do any videos.

Lynn and I did Aspen Ridge last weekend. Normally we would do two summits because it is a long drive but we did not want to get home too late. We were here a few weeks ago but I started to feel bad about half way up and rather than chance it we pulled the plug and headed home.

The smoke from the CA fires really clouded the views. The Rockies looked more like the Smokies.

Aspen Ridge is a very nice summit with little effort. The TH we normally park at had a sign that it was "Administrative Use Only." I am not sure if that sign had been there before but I decided to park across the road.

I am not sure what "Administrative Use Only" really means.

The summit registry has a few SOTA people listed.
Lynn and I with friend Nick


My SOTA/Ham Radio card (I put three in there and only one is left)

Lynn listening to the CW pileup
Our shack for the day
Lynn making her way back to the Jeep
It was a good activation. My battery died in the recorder so I did not get the audio of my last few QSOs. They are in the log. Lynn really did great with three Summit to Summits.


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  1. Frank, as always, enjoy the videos. I was catching up on the Newsline podcast and did you know they had an article about you and Lynn about SOTA activations? Sounds like they picked it up from the local newspaper.