Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The rest of the story.....

Here is a link to the article they local paper (Colorado Springs Gazette) did about Lynn and I and our activities with Ham Radio and Summits On The Air. LINK

You never know what will happen from a chance encounter. People have found jobs, spouses and lasting friendships through random or chance encounters.

When Lynn and I last activated Mount Rosa it was an overcast day during the week and there was a chance of rain and thunderstorms. We decided to go anyway and would turn back if needed.

Not soon after we arrived on the summit a young lady appeared. We did not have the radio setup yet and we were just enjoying the view. We asked her to take a few pictures of us which she did.

Lynn explained a little bit about Ham Radio and Summits On The Air while I dug out a SOTA/Ham Radio business card for her.


The business card has my email, our callsigns, URLs to this blog, my youtube channel, the ARRL and the SOTA website along with some short descriptions about ham radio and what we were doing.


I figured if this brought one person into the hobby then it is worth it.

After she left we activated the summit and headed home. About a week or two later I got a call from the young ladies husband, Lance Benzel, explaining how he is a reporter for a column called "Out There Colorado" for the Gazette and how he would like to interview Lynn and I.

From what I understand Lance and his wife were chatting after her hike and she handed him the card I gave her and Lance researched my blog a bit, saw the video and gave me a call because, as he put it - "my wife and I thought this was a very interesting hobby."

The interview was about an hour and a half and I thought the way he asked questions was real interesting and while he may had concentrated a little much on the points system and our placement among SOTA Activators he did manage yo capture the essence of our Ham Radio and Summits On The Air activity.

It was a pleasure talking to Lance, meeting his wife and doing the interview as it is always fun to talk about your passions to someone who is interested.

... and that my friends is the rest of the story.....


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