Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Elecraft PX3 problem with an ugly solution

The title is a little misleading. There really is no problem with the PX3 as the problem was with direct sunlight. As luck would have it Lynn, KC0YQF, and I are always on a summit around noon when the sun is directly overhead. This makes it almost impossible to distinguish anything on the PX3 display.

I could have just covered it with my tarp but I started thinking about another solution that would not require me to lay under a tarp, blowing around around on a hot summit.

Of course the PX3 is in no way needed to do digital modes from the KX3. It just makes the digital experience better, not only for text decoding and tuning but also for the ability to see what is near your frequency.

Years ago, when I was looking a displays of the RF spectrum for a living, I used cardboard and masking tape to cover scopes and shield them from light. This is what inspired me for the ugly solution.

Step 1: Harvest an unsuspecting piece of cardboard.

Step 2: Cut and fit.

First Cuts
 Step 3: Test Fit

fitting it to the PX3
 Step 4: Cut some more to fit the way you want.

some more cuts (rounded corners)
 Step 5: Add Duct Tape (the tape makes it so the velcro will stick)
Duct Tape added
 Step 6: Add velcro to points on the PX3 and cover in places you think are best. Make sure you take into account the connections to the K3.

The flap can move for easy adjustment

The flap fully closed

Room for connections
 Step 7: Add more velcro so the cover can fold up for easy storage and carry.

Works Great and weighs 2.8 oz.!!!

Step 8: Take outside and have some fun! You can cover the bottom if you want so you are looking through a small opening like Mr. Spock did on the Enterprise Science Station (Star Trek the Original Series).

NOTE: The KX3 is just an amazing, do everything rig from internal tuner, low battery consumption, world class performance and the ability to do digital modes without any external HW/SW, HF plus 6 and 2 meters. There is just no other rig in its class! 

Some day I hope to have one. In the meantime, Lynn will let me use hers. The PX3 is also nothing less of amazing. I am really looking forward to the keyboard option being enabled soon as I have a portable roleup keyboard "ready to roll," so to speak.


PX3 Build time in fast time:

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  1. Nice, Frank. FYI, for those interested in a commercial solution, there are a number of GPS and tablet sun shades available on Amazon, ebay, etc. which could be used. Some lightweight and foldable, others rigid.