Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mount Sherman, finally, and Lynn's first 14er

This hike was epic for a couple of reasons:

1. Lynn's first 14er
2. My second attempt at this summit and my third 14er
3. Meeting Brad, WA6MM
4. Perfect Colorado Day

You really have to watch the weather when you try these high summits. The first attempt, my friend Dave and I made, found us weathering 50 MPH wind gust at the saddle with a wind chill to match, we turned back. Today however, the wind was light and warm.

We had to leave the house by 0400 which got us to the TH at first light. I was concerned because Lynn did not eat anything and she started having difficulties almost right away. She did bring some tea and that, with a couple of breaks and energy chews, had her going strong in no time. However I was very concerned at the beginning of this hike but was prepared to turn around if Lynn got worse.

Not far into our hike, Brad, WA6MM, came up behind us and we chatted a bit. He soon pushed on and I followed his progress visually. He made a quick ascent and activated the summit. By the time we showed up he was finished on HF and was calling on 2 meters.

Brad had a nice spot on the summit that we took over. It shielded us from the wind and was away from the main crowd. Thanks for the spot Brad!

As I setup our antenna Brad packed up and headed to Mount Sheridan. I had high hopes of doing both as well but knew that my energy level was dropping and was happy with the one high summit for the day.

I was ecstatic to have finished my 3rd 14er of the year and have Lynn with me on her first!

While summiting 14ers is a Colorado past time, I never thought I would get so much enjoyment out of it. My first, Pikes Peak, was just a few months ago. I think, of the three I have done, it was the most difficult but very rewarding. There are no easy 14ers. A good resource for hiking 14ers or 13ers in Colorado is HERE.

5.1 miles with 2111 feet ascent in just under 7 hours

GPS Track

Thanks chasers for listening for us and working us even though you may not have received any points after working Brad. I am really pleased to see the same callsigns work me that worked Lynn.

I really did not intend on making a video but had enough footage to put something together.




  1. Frank-

    Looks like a good activation.

    As for there being easy 14ers, I've heard a good amount to trash-talk from Colorado climbers who say that California 14ers are the easy ones. They're probably right.

    73 Nate N0PCL

    1. Nate, perhaps, but I would not want to under estimate any 14er, regardless of the state.

    2. Hi Frank,
      Great activation report and pictures! It was great meeting both you and Lynn for the first time -- and I was proud to be there for Lynn's first 14er!!! She did great and I'm sure she wants to try for another one -- it's addicting ya know. My XYL read your blog and watched the video at the end. I may have to explain the last few frames ;-).

      BTW, I'm from Calif and climbed two of the 10 or 14 14ers there -- North Palisade and Mt Sill. I can tell you that they are both harder than many of the 14ers here in CO. Absolutely no easy way up those peaks without the proper climbing gear.

      Until the next time my friend!

    3. Brad, I am so happy you shared this with your wife and was very impressed with your abilities even while you were under the weather so to speak. I believe you on the CA mountains nor would I attempt something as technical as that. The "easy" 14ers in Colorado and hard enough for me!

      73 Brad, Frank

  2. Awesome Frank! I will save this one to my list to do one day!

    1. Matt, Lynn and I would love to do an activation with you and your family one days. Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment. 73, Frank

  3. Frank and Lynn,

    Congrats. I have operated from the very spot you guys used. Sherman is a nice hike.


    Mike AD5A

    1. It was a lot of fun Mike... Thanks for leaving a comment. 72 Frank K0JQZ