Monday, September 7, 2015

Pictures from Capulin Mountain, NM, Observatory and Eagle Rock in the Lost Creek area of Colorado

While Capulin Mountain is one of my least favorite summits (due to crowds) Eagle Rock and Observatory Rock are two of my favorites. All are short but steep hikes, great views and interesting geological formations.

The makeshift campground at the base of Observatory was occupied by less than intelligent members of our species in that they decided to start target practice while we were down range. A whistle blow later and they did not start up again until we were safely on the ridge line.

"Are no bonus points for activating under fire!"

I do not think we were in any danger but it was just nerve rattling. Lynn really had to push to get beyond this but she did so with great determination.

They did a final empty of their weapons and left before we started to activate. "Idiots" is really the only word I can use to describe people that destroy the area they are enjoying and ruining it for everyone else. I like to shoot as much as anyone as my collection of gold cup match .45s and .22s indicate but I would rather do it responsibly, on a range.

Enough about that. Here are more pictures and less words.

Lynn coming up Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock

Rock Cairn for Eagle Rock TH

Neat formation on Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock

Also on Eagle Rock

Views from Eagle Rock

Lynn on Eagle Rock

Lynn running the pileup on Eagle Rock

Lynn still working the pileup on Eagle Rock

SOTA Backpack

Lynn talking on Observatory Rock

Looking East from Observatory Rock

Looking West from Observatory Rock

Lynn working the pileup

Our EF supported by fishing pole

Lynn on Observatory looking North

Observatory Marker

Capulin Trail

K0JQZ on Capulin, notice the hiking slippers LOL

Views from Capulin Mountain
We did Capulin one day then Eagle and Observatory the following day. These were all last minute decisions and I wanted to run PSK31. Chaplain Mountain was too crowded and I was done with the Q and A session and just wanted to leave for the 150 mile drive home. On Eagle and Observatory Rock I noticed a problem using the PX3 and/or the winbook I had with, which I will talk about in my next post.

72 Frank

Thanks Chasers....

K0JQZ on Eagle Rock

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