Sunday, September 20, 2015

Trachyte Knob W0C/FR-132, 20 Sep 2015

We had intended to do this mountain a few months ago when we camped at the Cripple Creek KOA at the base of Trachyte Knob but the weather did not want to cooperate.

We enjoyed staying there and with the new owners it is a very pleasant place. Today we pulled up and asked if we could 1. park the jeep at the KOA and 2. use the back gate to the KOA to access the trail.  I was willing to pay for a camp ground but that was not required. The owner, Tom, just said "go ahead!"

It is a short but near vertical in places. Once you hit the boulder field it gets tricky because some of  those boulders are loose.

Lynn blending in with the forest.

A horse trail goes around the mountain

perfect day


Lynn taking a break before the final boulder field

The KOA below

Another view of the KOA
I was remembering bits and pieces of this trail. I knew to not start the final ascent too soon due to a false summit and wanted to get around that to the boulder field. I was second guessing myself but came out exactly where I wanted. I saw a young lady and her dog make their way up and knew that I was in the right spot. Her puppy could not make it and she came to Lynn and I while her owner summited. Soon her owner came back into view and the puppy calmed down and they went on their way down while we went up the final 50 feet.

That last little bit looks massive
While I was stringing up the End Fed I heard WA6MM on a summit on VHF and chatted with him. Brad is out there every weekend climbing summits in the name of Summits On The Air.

I got Lynn set up and spotted and she worked all callers. Thanks chasers:

WA6MM Summit to Summit
W6AH Summit to Summit


Lynn working the pileup

When I got on, the bands just seemed to drop out. RBN never did pick me up. I tried 15, 20, 30 and 40 meters and was only able to make contact on 20 meters, save the QSO with Brad on 2 meters.

Thanks for those that heard me:

WA6MM Summit to Summit

K0JQZ trying to get a QSO
It was a perfect day on the summit. It was about 5o degrees and not much wind. I kept thinking that I should have attempted Mt Sherman today instead of last Friday but no complaints. Trachyte Knob is one of my favorite summits.


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  1. Frank-I attempted S2S with both of you but no joy. I think the conditions were pretty crummy on the bands. Great day for a hike though.
    Nate N0PCL

    1. Nate, thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I was able to pull up SOTA Goat and notice you were on a summit in VA but no joy. Same with AD5A in UT... I think the bands just dropped in and out. W6AH was able to make contact with Lynn but besides WA6MM on a summit in Colorado I was unable to get any S2Ss. It was a great day anyway. Hopefully we can do a S2S next time. 72 Frank K0JQZ

  2. Hi Frank!
    Thanks again for the 2M FM S2S contact yesterday. I was quite surprised to work you and Lynn and it really made my day. The weather was absolutely wonderful for a SOTA activation. I heard that several activators were having trouble making HF contacts. Perhaps I was lucky I started a bit earlier than you as I ended up with 26 contacts (23 on 20M SSB). It appears you're on track to be the 4th MG in Colorado! Good luck to you and Lynn. 73, Brad WA6MM

    1. Brad, it made our day as well. I think the bands started dropping out after your activation and was glad Lynn went first as it would had been worse for her trying to get 4 QSOs via SSB than me via CW. Regardless, it was a fine day on the summit. Thanks for the comment. 73, Frank K0JQZ