Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving and a little QRP

I hope everyone had or is having a Happy Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be thankful for. Too much to list.

We got a dusting of snow over night. I awoke at 0400 to see the snow falling. The yard and driveway were very slick. Mister Mann (our rescue cat) wanted to go outside like he often does. He did not last long and decided it was better to chase DX with me inside. He did not seem to like Turkey that much but Mayv our calico (over 20 years old), loves it!

Mayv enjoying Thanksgiving

While the XYL, Lynn KC0YQF, was cooking our bird (one of the few times we eat meat) I decided to tune around the bands. I am still working towards DXCC QRP (QRP = Low Power or less than 5 Watts) and my results for the day was as follows:

TK/S57C  Corsica

CT9/LZ2JE   Madeira Island

9Y4/WJ2O  Trinidad and Tobago

PJ2/N5OT  Curacao

6W1RW  Senegal

PZ5W  Suriname

V26K  Antigua and Barbuda

PJ2/N5OT and V26K are not new ones for me but the others are. V47NT in India was the loudest of all but he went QRT after I called a few times. Only one DX station (PZ5W) was working split which made that one easy to bag but the other ones were simplex so I had to go slightly off freq to make my 5 watts heard. 

All and all I was very pleased with the results.

Lynn and the feast
72, Frank

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  1. Sounds like a nice Thanksgiving. Good luck on getting the next 20 points for MG. You and Lynn have a Merry Christmas season.....Mike AD5A