Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas / NORAD Tracks Santa

Merry Christmas to all the read this blog. Lynn and I just finished our shift at NORAD, tracking Santa and answering phones. It was a grand time.

Looks like extra Communications Support was needed

Lynn, KC0YQF

Entering the Santa Track Ops Center


turn over briefing

Lynn in the thick of it

It was sometimes difficult to hear but Lynn's experience of pulling out weak SOTA chasers pays off!

The tracking screen in our area

Our short is completed
It sure was a lot of fun talking to kids that got excited about being visited by Santa. They had a lot of good and tough questions and we answered them the best we could and provided updates on locations and visit times. I am sure that Santa's trip will be safe and speedy. We have the watch!

Merry Christmas everyone.


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