Sunday, December 13, 2015


While Lynn and I were up in Denver I stopped in at HRO and quickly saw the SDRPlay hanging on the wall. The SDRPlay is a Radio Spectrum Processor that covers all frequencies between 100 KHz and 2 GHz. I have one of the 20 dollar dongles that can be bought most anywhere and while they are fun to play with most are not near the performance of the SDRPlay.

A deciding factor for me to purchase this was it is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android and Mac. I currently have it running on my Mac Pro.

This is what you get

The radio is around 150 dollars and from what I understand it is only being sold in HRO outlets.  The above picture is everything you get. You will need a printer to USB cable and an antenna that you can connect via the SMA connection. I am using my scanner antenna.

Power and computer interface

Antenna SMA connection
Unlike other dongles this also has a very good web site and videos. Check out SDRPlay web site for more info.

Here is a screen shot.

Below is a video from Robert Nagy, AB5N, that it explains it better than I can. Also he gives a good run down of installing and using the software. It is worth watching if you are just curious or are considering a SDRPlay purchase in the future.

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