Thursday, February 25, 2016

9410 Activation

It had been a while since Lynn and I had activated a summit but the purpose of this video was to use Final Cut Pro X that I picked up a few days ago. I still have a lot to learn as it has a lot of features. I think I am going to have fun playing with it. Of course what was 30 minutes of editing time for every minute of play time is now more like 1.5 hours of edit time.

73 Frank


  1. Hey Frank & Lynn,

    I enjoy all your videos! What batteries do you use on that Kx3 when you are up in the mountains?

    Steve (WD0HVS)

  2. Hi Steve, thanks for watching my videos and leaving a comment. I use the A123 batteries from Buddipole. Expensive but worth it. Same battery has been in use for about 4 years. Lynn uses 10 watts on SSB and I use 5 on CW. It has never let us down. 73 Frank K0JQZ

  3. Great Video Frank. I always enjoy your SOTA activation videos. Lynn does a great job running these contacts on SSB. Keep up the great work!


    1. Thank George, Lynn has really improved since she first started on HF. She really enjoys the pileups. Thanks for reading my blog, watching the video and leaving a comment. 73, Frank K0JQZ