Sunday, May 22, 2016

Raspberry Mountain, Again!

This is the second time this year I have hiked this one. The first time was on New Years day and the temp at the TH was minus 5 degrees. Today the TH was 65 degrees warmer.

The first time Lynn had a lot of problems with the cold (pre surgery) and had to bail about a mile into the hike. Today was no problem.

America's Mountain

This guy was looking for food

Looking East

K0JQZ using PSK31

He starts to get pretty aggressive on the food front

Lynn's KX3

The hike was just over 6.5 miles
GPS Track
APRS Beacon
Phil, NS7P and Tommy, W7RV were waiting on Lynn when we got to the summit. I did not have to spot her on the SOTA Web Site so maybe they were following our APRS Track. That is the biggest advantage a Chaser can employe if an Activator is using APRS.

Propagation was not great but Lynn worked the following Chasers on 20 meters:

K6YOA Summit to Summit

I worked PSK31 and was unable to make one QSO. I did make a Summit to Summit QSO with K6HPX on CW. Since I already activated this summit and the trail and summit were getting crowded we called it a day. 


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