Sunday, June 19, 2016

Devils Head Fire Tower

Devils Head Fire Tower is an easy hike and it is close to Colorado Springs and Denver so that means it gets a lot of visitors on weekends and even weekdays. We decided to do this one during the week to forgo the weekend crowd. Steve was able to join Lynn and I which is always a lot of fun.

We did not know this but a tornado had come through this area since the last time we were here. The destruction was incredible. We chatted with a Forest Ranger that told us the story of how they got Bill (the Fire watcher in the Tower) out of there in case another one hit. It was very interesting.

Bill got out ok and and soon he was back at work. Bill Ellis has manned this fire tower for over 30 years. Amazing fellow!

 The last part of this hike is a steep set of stairs, I think it says 143 steps!

Lynn coming up the stairs 

Great views

Lynn and Steve making their way to the tower


The views

The views

Lynn with Bill

Bill likes to hand out cards to the visitors.

Bill had a card ready for me!

 After our visit with Bill we headed over to a nearby rock formation to stay out of the way of visitors and to have some space. Steve put up a new antenna and we were soon rocking some SOTA action.

Lynn pauses for effect (photo by WG0AT)

Lynn taking with the Fire Tower in the background (photo by WG0AT)

Steve's KX2 SN 006

Lynn working 20 meter SSB (phot by WG0AT)

Our view of the Fire Tower

The Fire Tower

Steve taking a drink while Lynn runs the pileup

 It was a fun day with great company. It did not matter that the propagation was not that good. We had a grand time. Devils Head Fire Tower is an easy hike with great rewards. I highly recommend it.


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