Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July

To celebrate our Independence Day, Lynn and I activated America's Mountain or W0C/FR-004 (Pikes Peak). We have been back in Colorado for a week and are starting to get re-acclimated to the altitude although nothing really gets you ready for 14,000 plus feet.

In order to make our activation legal we hiked over to the Crags trail and wouldn't you know it we ran into one of my co-workers making his final ascent. He accomplished his hike in about 5 hours and showed no signs of wear or tear. Great job Glenn.
Glenn relaxing watching the SOTA pileup

view from our shack

Dark clouds forming above
Lynn looking for QSOs
Yesterday (the 3rd) Lynn and I decided to tackle two summits (10090 and Three Mile Mountain). It was exactly a week since we were at Atlantic Beach so no problem, or so I thought. They were a lot harder than I remember but we made it.

Cows surround the Jeep soon after we left

Lynn making her way up 10090

This Photo may look familiar

Same mountain as my QSL card pic that wG0AT took
I do not think I took any pictures on Three Mile Mountain. We only had a few minutes before the sky opened up on us. We had a good 5 minutes before the heavy stuff moved in.

Since I am going backwards, on the 2nd of Jul I picked up a new pack. My old pack, a Golite Jam 35, had seen better days. It was not only getting ripped up but the foam backing is out of shape. While I really liked the Jam 35, Golite went out of business. Now, My Trail Company is making those packs but I opted to go back to a Gregory pack similar to my old Z Pack. Why is it when you go into REI looking for one 12 dollar item you walk out 200 dollars in the hole!

Here is a stock photo of the Zulu 30.
So far I really like it. I am able to stuff everything I need in it and think it will make a good three season pack.

Before that Lynn and I were on vacation in NC. We plan to move to NC in the future and are just thinking about our exit strategy from Colorado.

Here are some pictures of our vacation.

The boat dock and trail near our house

another view (Jacksonville NC)
Swansboro NC
View from our room at Atlantic Beach looking toward the Atlantic Ocean
You can just see the Inter Coastal Water Way
Johnny and my Sis

Lynn and I on the pier, Atlantic Beach

Museum of the Marine (Eagle Globe and Anchor)
Lynn on the trail touring the swamp
Fresh water spring
Lynn trying not to fall off the floating walkway
Egret feeding

Jelly fish

Lynn goofing off

Fort Macon

Inside Fort Macon
Fort Macon
Fort Macon
There is a brand new airport at Jacksonville NC. The new facility is nice and we visited the USO for a bit waiting for our flight.  Jacksonville also has a new boat ramp and the one by the USO is closed. The new one has three areas to launch and retrieve. It looked great! The old boat launch near our house has a new wooden trail that goes through some of the swamp land I played in as a kid. Although the walk is now about 2 miles, vice 1 mile as a kid cutting through the woods. Fort Macon has really improved since my last visit. They had a great facility and even updated all of the displays in the fort. I still love the inter coastal waterway and it makes me feel like I am home. My Dad and I spent a lot of time fishing that area.

Well, I think that gets me caught up. I have a lot of video but nothing that really goes together with anything else. I tried some time-lapse on the beach and some of it came out ok but nothing I will use soon.

We are planning on hiking a few 14ers this summer. Should be a challenge and fun.


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