Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The 'Tenna Dipper GIVEAWAY

What I have here is a KD1JV, Steve Weber kit called the 'Tenna Dipper.

The 'Tenna Dipper or "TD" is designed to allow you to find the 50 ohm resonant frequency of an antenna or to adjust an antenna tuner for best match. A built in frequency counter with Morse audio output is used to determine the frequency at which the TD is tuned to.

I will probably never build this kit so I am offering up to someone who views by blog.

To win here is what you have to do:

Send me an email at OR post a reply to this blog entry with just your callsign. Your callsign must be good in QRZ. If you do not have a callsign then just post your first name and last initial and send me an email with your address.  Only one entry per person.

This will be open until 1 Aug 2016 at midnight at which time Lynn, KC0YQF, will draw a name/callsign out of a hat and that person will win the kit. This is free, no cost for postage.

You DO NOT need to subscribe to my blog or my youtube channel.

This is just a simple promotion in order to get rid of a few kits taking up room in the shack. I have a few others and will do those in a similar manner.

Good luck and 73