Sunday, August 14, 2016

A 14er and the new ARRL Radio Amateur Handbook

Lynn reminded me yesterday that I had not posted in a while so I will make an attempt to get everyone caught up.

As tradition, every year on Lynn's birthday, we rent a cabin at the Cripple Creek KOA (one of the best KOAs we have ever stayed at) and hike Trachyte Knob the next morning. This year was no different save the fact that I took a good tumble transversing the boulder field near the top of the mountain. I am OK but it was a wakeup call.

Here are the pictures:

K0JQZ with he KX2 (photo by KC0YQF)


Not sure if there was suppose to be a bucket there

This trail is well marked until the last part


Love this radio

Hike Profile

The GPS got confused in the forest but you get the idea of our route

After that we headed to Gunella Pass and camped in order to hike Mount Bierstadt (14,060 feet) in the morning. The highlight of this trip was seeing three moose in the lake near the TH.

Photo by Clint L

photo by Clint L

Clint L camped with us the night before

views (photo by Clint L)

photo by Clint L

The valley of our approach (photo by Clint L)

Almost there (photo by Clint L)

The sawtooth (photo by Clint L)

CQ form over 14,000 feet (photo by Clint L)

Photo by Clint L
After this summit I got sick then Lynn got sick so we slowed down a bit trying to get better. I think I was sick for a total of three weeks. I hate wasting sick days actually being sick.

We did South Peak yesterday but I did not take any photos and it was a quick one due to storms moving in. It started to rain not long after we got off the mountain so we got lucky.

Also, in case you have not seen the advertisement for the 2017 ARRL Handbook.  Lynn really got a kick out of it.

The cover picture was taken by Steve wG0AT. The summit we are on is Blue Mountain near Lake George Colorado.

Here is the photo
photo by wG0AT

Lynn and I have at least one more 14er planned and one more overnighter. Also I am going to have another giveaway soon and I am just trying to think of a good way to do it.



  1. Steve on the front of QST and now you two on the front of the handbook! SOTA is becoming mainstream. You three, coupled with your video skills are great ambassadors for ham radio.

  2. That is just awesome for you two. Congrats on the cover spot. Well deserved. All that work hiking and enjoying the hobby... You are both great ambassadors for the hobby and for SOTA. 73, de KH7AL

  3. Great photos and terrific commentary. Congrats to both of you on being on the cover of the 2017 Handbook. Great PR for QRP/Portable Ops! keep up the great work!



  4. Hi Frank, thanks for the 14er writeup. I now have a KX2, and am keen to try it out on an upcoming SOTA trip. Great photo of you both on the ARRL Big Book of Radio , will look out for it when it arrives at this side of the pond. Good Work ! 73 Rob G0PEB