Monday, September 19, 2016

Mount Democrat, almost

Lynn and I set out early Sunday morning to tackle Mount Democrat. Mt Democrat is a 14er and I did this summit in the early 90s being the only 14er I had ever done when I was first station in Colorado.

It was cold but we bundled up and headed up the short but steep trail a little more than 2000 feet vertical. I knew it was windy and once we hit the ridgeline I knew that we were done. We were getting blown around and the wind knocked a few people off their feet. This summit does not offer a lot of shielding from the wind so we decided to head down with less than 600 vertical feet to go. 

The mountain will wait and it was still fun.

Here are a few pictures.

Need to go up

Kite Lake and TH

Lynn on the trail early in the AM



On the ridgeline between Cameron and Democrat

I found the following two photos on another computer and really liked them so I will share them here in case I have not done so in the past.

KC0YQF, K0JQZ and wG0AT on an unnamed summit (photo by wG0AT)

Lynn and Frank (photo by wG0AT)


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