Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mount Sherman

This is the second time ascending Mount Sherman for Lynn and I and the first time for Dave. Last year Dave and I attempted an ascent on 18 Sep but 40 mph sustained winds and low temps kept us from going further than the ridge-line which was only a mile from the summit but very exposed. Lynn and I were able to summit the following weekend.

Dave made it this time! We had wind but only about 10 mph and the temps were mild, around 30 Degrees at the TH and 40 Degrees on top.

I am not a big fan of Mount Sherman but only due to the crowds, if you do a popular 14er on the weekend when it is nice you can expect large crowds, that is just nature of the beast. 10 Sep was no exception however, I did meet another ham on the summit and I think his callsign is KT0AM but I could be mistaken on that. At above 14,000 feet it is hard to concentrate, setup an antenna, talk to people, run a pileup and try to show off Ham Radio. If I was thinking straight I would have brought him back over to make a few QSOs.

The Mountain and trail to the summit is all owned by a mining company but they allow access to hikers which is nice and as always conditional on how we treat it.

Here are a few pictures.

Dave and Lynn making their way up

Lynn and Dave, almost their (about 3/4 of a mile left)

Dave had a steady pace

Lynn, KC0YQF

K0JQZ and KC0YQF (photo by Dave F)

Great Views (Photo by Dave F)

KC0YQF getting ready to run a pileup on SSB while K0JQZ looks on (Photo by Dave F)

Summit (Photo by Dave F)

My favorite part of the hike along the ridge line (photo by Dave F)

Photo by Dave F

Looking toward Leadville

On the Summit (Frank, Lynn and Dave)

A little bit of snow

looking back toward summit (no clouds at all)
Propagation was not the best, that coupled with QRM and QSB made QSOs difficult. Lynn called for a while and only wrangled up about 5 QSOs but one was a Summit 2 Summit with Phil NS7P. It is always good to hear Phil and it was a bonus to hear him on a summit.


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