Sunday, October 30, 2016

Bald Mountain or W0C/SP-115 (9607 Feet)

This will be a short blog entry: Lynn and I did Bald Mountain (between Buena Vista and Hartsel) a few weekends ago. You can drive up Bald Mountain but we decided to hike up and enjoy the great weather (albeit a bit warm). This was Lynn's first time up this summit so I really wanted her to see the views.

Our GPS Track on Google Earth

Too Map
We went up the East side and looped around to the North for the final approach. We tool the Jeep Trail and did not deviate from it much. This is very popular with the ATV crowd on the weekends.

Our GPS Track

Hike Profile

The views from Bald Mountain are great and there are a few trees for antenna support so it is SOTA friendly.

Looking South East

Looking North East

K0JQZ using the KX2
I took no pictures but luckily Lynn took a few. I noticed I was having a few issues with my paddles but I thought it was just me. On the next summit the paddles shorted so they were unusable. What I did not realize, because I was dead tiered, was that it was an easy fix as the contact post just came loose and were shorting the dot and dash together. I decided to do a SSB activation instead of messing with the paddles. I had fun doing it but I am not very comfortable using SSB. After the first few contacts I was in the groove.

Work has been keeping me busy lately but that will change soon and I should have more time to do some more videos.


Friday, October 21, 2016

Little Scraggy Peak and Mount Peck

Little Scraggy Peak

Lynn and I did little Scraggy Peak a while ago. It was a perfect day. Little Scraggy is near Deckers Colorado.

KC0YQF hiking on the trail

Neat rock formation

Near the summit

APRS Beacon for K0JQZ-7

Hike Profile

GPS Track

Mount Peck

Mount Peck is near Monarch Ridge South. For the most part you hike the CDT until you come to a clear area where you start to go up. It is a very nice hike however the wind was really blowing. This dropped the temperature a lot but still a great day to be on a summit.

Great views

K0JQZ on 20 meter CW

Mount Peck

Our workhorse the Elecraft KX2

The matchbox for the End Fed

Fishing pole support is a PCV pipe held in place with rocks

KC0YQF working SSB using the rock as a shield from the wind

Antenna support

Lynn, KC0YQF

We were unable to stay very long due to unexpected events but we did enjoy our time on this hike.

K0JQZ-7 APRS Track

Hike Profile

GPS track

Both these hikes were last minute. I have been very busy at work but hope it starts to slow down soon. Winter will soon be here and Lynn is trying to reach her goal of 900 points for this year. I am not sure we can do that but she will be very close.